100+ Cool Winter Baby Names To Celebrate The Snowy Season

Wondering what to name your winter baby? Check out this list of winter baby names to embrace the best of cold and snowy weather.

As the weather changes into winter, the wind is crisp, the temperature has dropped, and there may be some snow on your way. Winter is part of nature and can be beautiful if you look closely.



When you see snow falling outside, think of complex avalanches, ancient snow shores, and hot flames. The weather can be cold, but your heart warms up when you think of the miracle of your holiday that can happen in the winter months.

It can be hard to come up with a baby name, but you know you want a winter baby name. Maybe it’s because you like the cold weather or this little bundle of happiness will make it come in these cold months. Think of winter names inspired by nature, weather or holidays.

The beautiful white landscape can be quite impressive so take a look at the list of winter children’s names below, if you catch my (snow) flow. other than that…. The cold never bothered you anyway.

100+ Cool Winter Baby Names To Celebrate The Snowy Season


Winter Boy Baby Names

  • Name: Abner
  • Meaning: Father of Light


  • Name: Abraham
  • Meaning: Father of Multitudes


  • Name: Adair
  • Meaning: Oak Tree Ford


  • Name: Aspen
  • Meaning: Nature & Place-Name


  • Name: Asger
  • Meaning: Spear of God


  • Name: Aska
  • Meaning: Thunder; Thunderstorm


  • Name: Bear
  • Meaning: Bear


  • Name: Blaze
  • Meaning: One Who Stutters


  • Name: Bodhi
  • Meaning: Awakening, Enlightenment


  • Name: Boris
  • Meaning: To Fight


  • Name: Clark
  • Meaning: Scribe, Secretary, Cleric, Scholar, Clerk


  • Name: Colden
  • Meaning: Dark Valley


  • Name: Cole
  • Meaning: Swarthy, Coal Black


  • Name: Crispin
  • Meaning: curly-haired


  • Name: Cypress
  • Meaning: Botanical Name


  • Name: Douglas
  • Meaning: Black Water


  • Name: Edur
  • Meaning: Snow


  • Name: Everest
  • Meaning: Peak; person from Evreux


  • Name: Evergreen
  • Meaning: Lasting life


  • Name: Forrest
  • Meaning: Forest


  • Name: Fox
  • Meaning Fox


  • Name: Gabriel
  • Meaning: God is My Strength


  • Name: George
  • Meaning: Farmer


  • Name: Heath
  • Meaning: The Heathland Dweller



  • Name: Jack
  • Meaning: God Gracious


  • Name: Jasper
  • Meaning: Bringer of Treasure


  • Name: Jesus
  • Meaning: The Lord is Salvation


  • Name: Jonas
  • Meaning: Dove


  • Name: Joseph
  • Meaning: Jehovah Increases


  • Name: Kendry
  • Meaning: Wise Man


  • Name: Kenyon
  • Meaning: White Haired or Blond


  • Name: Lincoln
  • Meaning: Town by the Pool


  • Name: Lucius
  • Meaning: Light


  • Name: Neo
  • Meaning: New


  • Name: Nicholas
  • Meaning: People of Victory


  • Name: Odin
  • Meaning: God in Norse mythology


  • Name: Owen
  • Meaning: Young Warrior, Well-Born


  • Name: Ralph
  • Meaning: Wolf-Counsel


  • Name: Robin
  • Meaning: Bright Fame


  • Name: Rolo
  • Meaning: Famous Throughout the Land


  • Name: Rudolf
  • Meaning: Famous Wolf


  • Name: Sterling
  • Meaning: of high quality; pure; easterner


  • Name: Whitaker
  • Meaning: White Acre


  • Name: Wolf
  • Meaning: Wolf


Winter Girl Baby Names

  • Name: Aimee
  • Meaning: Beloved


  • Name: Alba
  • Meaning: White


  • Name: Alinta
  • Meaning: Fire, Flame


  • Name: Amanda
  • Meaning: She Must Be Loved


  • Name: Amethyst
  • Meaning: Gem & Color Name


  • Name: Angel
  • Meaning: Word Name


  • Name: Aroha
  • Meaning: Love


  • Name: Bianca
  • Meaning: White


  • Name: Blanch
  • Meaning: White


  • Name: Cher
  • Meaning: Beloved


  • Name: Chiara
  • Meaning: Light, Clear


  • Name: Coco
  • Meaning: A Pet Name


  • Name: Crimson
  • Meaning: Color Name


  • Name: Crystal
  • Ice; Follower of Christ


  • Name: Eira
  • Meaning: Snow


  • Name: Elsa
  • Meaning: Pledge to God


  • Name: Ember
  • Meaning: Word Name


  • Name: Estelle
  • Meaning: Star


  • Name: Gail/Gale
  • Meaning: My Father Rejoices; pleasant


  • Name: Garnet
  • Meaning: Pomegranate


  • Name: Gwen
  • Meaning: White Circle


  • Name: Holly
  • Meaning: Christ Thorn


  • Name: Ivy
  • Meaning: Evergreen Climbing Plant


  • Name: January
  • Meaning: 1st month of the year; winter month


  • Name: Lucia
  • Meaning: Light


  • Name: Mary
  • Meaning: Bitter; wished for child


  • Name: Merry
  • Meaning: Lighthearted, Happy


  • Name: Mirri
  • Meaning: The Sun


  • Name: Natalia
  • Meaning: Birthday of the Lord


  • Name: Nia
  • Meaning: Resolve, Brilliance


  • Name: Noelle
  • Meaning: Christmas


  • Name: Oakley
  • Meaning: Oak Clearing


  • Name: Persephone
  • Meaning: She Who Lightens the Darkness


  • Name: Primrose
  • Meaning: First Rose


  • Name: Scarlett
  • Meaning: Scarlet, Red


  • Name: Star
  • Meaning: Luminous Astronomical Object Seen in the Night Sky


  • Name: Stella
  • Meaning: Star


  • Name: Wren
  • Meaning: Winter Bird



Winter Unisex Baby Names

  • Name: Alaska
  • Meaning: Great Land


  • Name: Alpine
  • Meaning: Fair


  • Name: Aspen
  • Meaning: Tree


  • Name: Aster
  • Meaning: Star


  • Name: December
  • Meaning: 12th month of the year; winter month


  • Name: February
  • Meaning: Purification Feast


  • Name: Finola
  • Meaning: White Shoulders


  • Name: Frost
  • Meaning: Freezing


  • Name: Hale
  • Meaning: Someone Who Lives in a Hollow


  • Name: Hart
  • Meaning: Stag


  • Name: January
  • Meaning: Month of the Wolf


  • Name: Juniper
  • Meaning: Young


  • Name: Nevada
  • Meaning: Covered in Snow


  • Name: Neve
  • Meaning: Snow


  • Name: North
  • Meaning: Topographic Name


  • Name: Rory
  • Meaning: Red King


  • Name: Snow
  • Meaning: Someone with Very White Hair or an Exceptionally Pale Complexion


  • Name: Storm/Stormy
  • Meaning: Bad Weather


  • Name: Vale
  • Meaning: Lives in the Valley


  • Name: Whit
  • Meaning: White


  • Name: Winter
  • Meaning: The Coldest Season of the Year

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