100+ Old-Fashioned Baby Names For Girls with With Meaning

The name “Old Lady” is on the rise. Here is a list of the oldest and most beautiful baby names for girls. There is a lot of old charm in these classic names of girls that will make anyone happy!

If you know your little girl is about to become an old soul, consider an old-fashioned name for your daughter. “Grandma” names are not just for grandma. The names of these classic girls have proved that they can stand the test of time.

Retro names are cool and unique now. You don’t often hear the names of these old-fashioned girls, so now they are considered unusual.

Go back to an easy time, and give your baby a beautiful vintage name that is full of history and joy. Pay homage to the past with an old name that is sweet and lovely, just like your little lady.

What Are Some Old-Fashioned Girl Names ?

The term “old-fashioned” means different things to different people. Some consider old-fashioned names to be at least a century old, such as Dorothy and Catherine. Other older names can be considered at least 50 years old, such as Mary and Lucille. Some may think that the first generation of old is like Cordelia and Donna.

For your encouragement, below is a list of old-fashioned cute baby names ready to return.

Beautiful Old-Fashioned Baby Names For Girls with With Meaning

  • Name: Abigail
  • Meaning: Father’s Joy


  • Name: Ada
  • Meaning: Nobility


  • Name: Adelaide
  • Meaning: Nobility


  • Name: Adele
  • Meaning: Nobility


  • Name: Adeline
  • Meaning: Noble, Nobility


  • Name: Alice
  • Meaning: Noble


  • Name: Alma
  • Meaning: Lifts The Spirit


  • Name: Amelia
  • Meaning: Industrious


  • Name: Annabelle
  • Meaning: Lovable


  • Name: Anne
  • Meaning: Favor; Grace


  • Name: Annette
  • Meaning: Grace; Gracious


  • Name: Anthea
  • Meaning: Flowery


  • Name: Arlene
  • Meaning: Free


  • Name: Audrey
  • Meaning: Noble Strength


  • Name: Augusta
  • Meaning: Majestic; Grand


  • Name: Babette
  • Meaning: Pledged to God


  • Name: Barbara
  • Meaning: Foreign


  • Name: Beatrice
  • Meaning: She Who Brings Happiness; Blessed


  • Name: Belinda
  • Meaning: Pretty One, or, Serpent


  • Name: Bernadette
  • Meaning: Brave As A Bear


  • Name: Betsy
  • Meaning: Pledged to God


  • Name: Blanche
  • Meaning: White; Fair


  • Name: Bonnie
  • Meaning: Pretty; Charming


  • Name: Bridget
  • Meaning: Noble or Exalted One


  • Name: Callie
  • Meaning: Beautiful


  • Name: Caroline
  • Meaning: Strong


  • Name: Catherine
  • Meaning: Pure, Clear


  • Name: Celeste
  • Meaning: Heavenly


  • Name: Celia
  • Meaning: Heavenly


  • Name: Charlotte
  • Meaning: Free Man


  • Name: Clara
  • Meaning: Bright, Clear


  • Name: Clarabelle
  • Meaning: Bright And Beautiful


  • Name: Clementine
  • Meaning: Merciful


  • Name: Colette
  • Meaning: People of Victory


  • Name: Constance
  • Meaning: Constant


  • Name: Cora
  • Meaning: Maiden


  • Name: Cordelia
  • Meaning: Heart


  • Name: Daisy
  • Meaning: Day’s Eye


  • Name: Daphne
  • Meaning: Bay Tree; Laurel Tree


  • Name: Darla
  • Meaning: Darling


  • Name: Delilah
  • Meaning: Delight; Flirt


  • Name: Della
  • Meaning: Noble


  • Name: Diana
  • Meaning: Heavenly; Divine


  • Name: Donna
  • Meaning: Lady


  • Name: Dorothy
  • God’s Gift


  • Name: Edith
  • Meaning: Prosperous in War


  • Name: Elaine
  • Meaning: Sun Ray; Shining Light


  • Name: Eleanor
  • Meaning: Bright, Shining One


  • Name: Eliza
  • Meaning: My God is bountiful


  • Name: Elizabeth
  • Meaning: Pledged to God


  • Name: Eloise
  • Meaning: Famous in War


  • Name: Elsa
  • Meaning: Pledged to God


  • Name: Emmeline
  • Meaning: Industrious


  • Name: Emily
  • Meaning: Rival


  • Name: Etta
  • Meaning: Keeper of the Hearth


  • Name: Eugenia
  • Meaning: Well-Born


  • Name: Evelyn
  • Meaning: Wished For Child


  • Name: Faye
  • Meaning: Fairy


  • Name: Felicia
  • Meaning: Lucky


  • Name: Florence
  • Meaning: Flourishing, Prosperous


  • Name: Georgia
  • Meaning: Farmer


  • Name: Gladys
  • Meaning: Land, Nation


  • Name: Gloria
  • Meaning: Glory


  • Name: Grace
  • Meaning: Eloquence


  • Name: Hattie
  • Meaning: Estate Ruler


  • Name: Hazel
  • Meaning: The Hazelnut Tree


  • Name: Helena
  • Meaning: Bright; Shining Light


  • Name: Hilda
  • Meaning: Battle Woman


  • Name: Irene
  • Meaning: Peace


  • Name: Joanna
  • Meaning: God is Gracious


  • Name: Josephine
  • Meaning: Jehovah Increases


  • Name: Julia
  • Meaning: Youthful


  • Name: Juliet
  • Meaning: Youthful


  • Name: June
  • Meaning: Young


  • Name: Kathy
  • Meaning: Pure


  • Name: Lillian
  • Meaning: Lily, a Flower


  • Name: Louise
  • Meaning: Famous Warrior


  • Name: Lydia
  • Meaning: Kind


  • Name: Mabel
  • Meaning: Lovable


  • Name: Maggie
  • Meaning: Pearl


  • Name: Margaret
  • Meaning: Pearl


  • Name: Majorie
  • Meaning: Pearl


  • Name: Marilyn
  • Meaning: Welsh, Lake


  • Name: Martha
  • Meaning: Lady


  • Name: Millie
  • Meaning: Strong in Work


  • Name: Minnie
  • Meaning: Of the Mind, Intellect


  • Name: Miriam
  • Meaning: Wished For Child


  • Name: Nadia
  • Meaning: Hope


  • Name: Nancy
  • Meaning: Grace


  • Name: Nelly
  • Meaning: Bright, Shining One


  • Name: Octavia
  • Meaning: Born Eighth


  • Name: Olive
  • Meaning: Olive Tree


  • Name: Opal
  • Meaning: Jewel


  • Name: Ophelia
  • Meaning: Help


  • Name: Oriana
  • Meaning: Dawn


  • Name: Patricia
  • Meaning: Noble


  • Name: Paula
  • Meaning: Small


  • Name: Pearl
  • Meaning: Pearl


  • Name: Peggy
  • Meaning: Pearl


  • Name: Penelope
  • Meaning: Weaver


  • Name: Polly
  • Meaning: Humble


  • Name: Ramona
  • Meaning: Protecting Hands


  • Name: Rosalind
  • Meaning: Pretty Rose


  • Name: Rose
  • Meaning: Rose, a Flower


  • Name: Rosemary
  • Meaning: Dew of the Sea; Bitter Rose


  • Name: Ruby
  • Meaning: Jewel


  • Name: Ruth
  • Meaning: Companion; Friend; Vision of Beauty


  • Name: Sadie
  • Meaning: Princess


  • Name: Samantha
  • Meaning: Told by God


  • Name: Scarlett
  • Meaning: Scarlet, Red


  • Name: Selma
  • Meaning: Peaceful


  • Name: Shannon
  • Meaning: Old and Wise


  • Name: Sonya
  • Meaning: Wisdom


  • Name: Sophia
  • Meaning: Wisdom


  • Name: Stella
  • Meaning: Star


  • Name: Susan
  • Meaning: Lily


  • Name: Sylvia
  • Meaning: From the Forest


  • Name: Tabitha
  • Meaning: Gazelle; Graceful


  • Name: Tawny
  • Meaning: Golden Brown


  • Name: Tessie
  • Meaning: To Reap, Gather


  • Name: Vera
  • Meaning: Faith


  • Name: Victoria
  • Meaning: Victory


  • Name: Violet
  • Meaning: Purple


  • Name: Virginia
  • Meaning: Virgin


  • Name: Vivian
  • Meaning: Life


  • Name: Waverly
  • Meaning: Meadow of Quivering Aspens


  • Name: Wendy
  • Meaning: Friend


  • Name: Wilma
  • Meaning: Resolute Protection


  • Name: Winifred
  • Meaning: Blessed Peacemaking


  • Name: Zorina
  • Meaning: Golden Dawn

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