101+ Colorful Names For Your Rainbow Baby With Meanings

Looking for colorful baby names for your little one? To celebrate this joy, consider the names of these rainbow themed children who will give you new blessings.

Many parents say that having a baby will add more color to your life, just as they bring joy and happiness! Once the newborn arrives, many families will see how bright a new baby can be in their world.

Choosing a name for your bundle of happiness can easily be the most exciting (and perhaps difficult) part of welcoming a new family member. If your child is a child of the rainbow or maybe you just want a name that represents a particular color, you have lost the color options to choose from.

From color names such as violet, slate, or scarlet to subtle color references such as coral, ebony, and onyx, this is sure to be the perfect color name for every shade of rainbow for your little one. See the list of color names below.

Colorful Names For Your Rainbow Baby With Meanings

  • Name: Albion
  • Meaning: White


  • Name: Amber
  • Meaning: Precious Jewel


  • Name: Amethyst
  • Meaning: Purple Color of a Gem


  • Name: Aqua
  • Meaning: Pure Water, Light Blue or Turquoise in Color


  • Name: Arian
  • Meaning: Braver, Golden Life


  • Name: Ash
  • Meaning: Happy


  • Name: Auburn
  • Meaning: A Reddish Brown or Golden Color


  • Name: Azul
  • Meaning: Another Name for Blue Color


  • Name: Azure
  • Meaning: Sky Color


  • Name: Beige
  • Meaning: Color Name


  • Name: Blanche
  • Meaning: White


  • Name: Blue
  • Meaning: Color Name


  • Name: Brick
  • Meaning: He is Like a Brick


  • Name: Brown
  • Meaning: Color


  • Name: Burgundy
  • Meaning: Shade of Purple/Red


  • Name: Capri
  • Meaning: Italian Island; Blue Color


  • Name: Celeste
  • Meaning: A Heavenly Body


  • Name: Cerise
  • Meaning: Cherry Red Color


  • Name: Cerulean
  • Meaning: Blue Color


  • Name: Cherry
  • Meaning: Name Derived From a Fruit


  • Name: Cinnamon
  • Meaning: Spice Name; Warm, Brown Color


  • Name: Claret
  • Meaning: Clear, Easy to Interpret, Unclouded, Bright


  • Name: Clementine
  • Meaning: Mild, Merciful, Forgiving, Tender, Orange, Golden


  • Name: Clover
  • Meaning: Plant That Origins from the Pea Family, Green Color

  • Name: Coal
  • Meaning: Rocky Type Material


  • Name: Cobalt
  • Meaning: Transition Metal Used in the Making of Steel and in Jet Turbines


  • Name: Coco
  • Meaning: To Help Someone in Need


  • Name: Cole
  • Meaning: The Victory or Rejoice of the People, Winning in a Competition


  • Name: Copper
  • Meaning: Reddish Brown Mineral


  • Name: Coral
  • Meaning: Ocean plant


  • Name: Crimson
  • Meaning: Deep Red Color


  • Name: Cyan
  • Meaning: Greenish Blue in Color


  • Name: Diamond
  • Meaning: An Untamed Person, Colorless and Sharp Stone


  • Name: Dior
  • Meaning: Golden, One Who Has an Open Heart


  • Name: Denim
  • Meaning: Strong Cloth: Blue Color


  • Name: Dove
  • Meaning: Dark and Shady


  • Name: Ebony
  • Meaning: Black color


  • Name: Emerald
  • Meaning: Deep Green Color, Precious Gemstone with the Same Name


  • Name: Fawn
  • Meaning: Young Deer


  • Name: Fern
  • Meaning: Green Plant


  • Name: Forest
  • Meaning: Woodlands


  • Name: Fuchsia
  • Meaning: Reddish/ Purple Color
  • Name: Garnet
  • Meaning: Deep Red Color,  Form of Garnett


  • Name: Gin
  • Meaning: Silver


  • Name: Ginger
  • Meaning: Virgin or Ginger Flower


  • Name: Goldie
  • Meaning: Gold, Expensive, Valuable


  • Name: Granite
  • Meaning: Stone


  • Name: Green
  • Meaning: Color Name


  • Name: Grey/Greyson
  • Meaning: Son of Steward, Guardian



  • Name: Hazel
  • Meaning: Hazelnut Tree


  • Name: Henna
  • Meaning: Flowering Plant Used to Decorate Ladies Hands and Body


  • Name: Hunter
  • Meaning: A Person Who Hunts Wildlife: Hunter Green


  • Name: Iris
  • Meaning: Rainbow Which Originated from a Flower’s Name in Greek


  • Name: Ivory
  • Meaning: Pale or White


  • Name: Jade
  • Meaning: Precious Gem, Light Green


  • Name: Jet/Jett
  • Meaning: As In Jet Black


  • Name: Kobe/Kobi
  • Meaning: God’s Door; Deep Red Color


  • Name: Lavender
  • Meaning: Flower with Purple Leaves


  • Name: Lilac
  • Meaning: Flowering Pake Purple Shrub


  • Name: Magenta
  • Meaning: Deep Pink Color


  • Name: Mahogany
  • Meaning: Dark Red Wood


  • Name: Marigold
  • Meaning: Golden Flower


  • Name: Mauve
  • Meaning: Violet Colored Things


  • Name: Midnight
  • Meaning: 12:00am


  • Name: Moss
  • Meaning: A Person Belongs to the Peat Land


  • Name: Ocean
  • Meaning: Fascinating King


  • Name: Olive
  • Meaning: The Olive Tree


  • Name: Onyx
  • Meaning: Dark Stone or Dusky Gem Stone


  • Name: Opal
  • Meaning: Gemstone Opal


  • Name: Orchid
  • Meaning: Floret Which Gives a Sweet Fragrance


  • Name: Pearl
  • Meaning: Precious, Gem of the Sea


  • Name: Peach
  • Meaning: Fruit, Orange Color


  • Name: Periwinkle
  • Meaning: Blue/Purple Color


  • Name: Pewter
  • Meaning: Metal


  • Name: Pink
  • Meaning: Color Name


  • Name: Plum
  • Meaning: Small Fruit


  • Name: Poppy
  • Meaning: Flower


  • Name: Rainbow
  • Meaning: Rainbow


  • Name: Raven
  • Meaning: Name of a Black Bird


  • Name: Red
  • Meaning: One of Red Skin or Red Hair


  • Name: River
  • Meaning: Someone Who is like a River


  • Name: Rose
  • Meaning: Beautiful Flower


  • Name: Ruby
  • Meaning: Precious Red Jewel


  • Name: Rusty
  • Meaning: Red, Orange


  • Name: Sable
  • Meaning: The Black One


  • Name: Saffron
  • Meaning: Yellow Flower


  • Name: Sakura
  • Meaning: Woman Who is like a Cherry Blossom


  • Name: Sandy
  • Meaning: Defender of Man


  • Name: Sapphire
  • Meaning: Deep Blue Precious Gem


  • Name: Scarlet/Scarlett
  • Meaning: Bright Red


  • Name: Shadow
  • Meaning: Shade From The Son


  • Name: Sienna
  • Meaning: Reddish Brown


  • Name: Silver
  • Meaning: Precious Metal


  • Name: Sky
  • Meaning: Sky


  • Name: Slate
  • Meaning: Fine-Grained Gray, Blueish or Green Rock


  • Name: Sterling
  • Meaning: One who is Highly Valued


  • Name: Stone
  • Meaning: Stone


  • Name: Storm
  • Meaning: Tempest, Storm


  • Name: Sunny
  • Meaning: Cheerful


  • Name: Tangerine
  • Meaning: She Who is from Tangiers


  • Name: Topaz
  • Meaning: Precious Gem or Jewel


  • Name: Violet
  • Meaning: Purple or Purple Flower


  • Name: Wisteria
  • Meaning: Wister’s Flower

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