170+Water Inspired Baby Names Sure to Make a Splash!

Wondering what the best names for water mean? Here are some fresh ideas for names that mean water, sea, ocean, river, waves and rain.

Deciding to choose a water-affected name? There are many properties of water that can be related to names. The water can be calm and calm or it can be beautiful and interesting.

Many languages ​​and cultures have different words for water and sea. You can also be affected by waters such as oceans, lakes and rivers.

You can also see in myths with gods and water goddesses for different names. Consider things that live in the water, such as sailors, fishermen, corals and “mermaids”.

Whether your child likes to play on the beach or jump in the pool, a watery sound name may be perfect for your water baby. Consider some of the names that mean water below.

Water Inspired Baby Names Sure to Make a Splash!

Water Baby Names for Boys

  • Name: Adrian
  • Meaning: from the Adriatic sea


  • Name: Alun
  • Meaning: Name of a Welsh river


  • Name: Arnav
  • Meaning: Indian name for ocean


  • Name: Bach/Beck
  • Meaning: German name for ‘lives by a stream’


  • Name: Banks
  • From the word riverbanks


  • Name: Bayou
  • Native American origin, from the word for bayou, the word for small stream


  • Name: Beckett
  • Meaning: Derived from old english word bekke, meaning stream


  • Name: Beckham
  • Meaning: living by the stream


  • Name: Birney
  • Meaning: Scottish name for damp; misty


  • Name: Blackwell
  • Meaning: English name for black well; stream


  • Name: Bolivar
  • Meaning Spanish/Basque name for mill at the riverbank


  • Name: Bourne
  • Meaning: English name for one who lives near a stream


  • Name: Bradford
  • Meaning: river crossing


  • Name: Bradman
  • Meaning: at the wide river


  • Name: Brodny
  • Meaning: Slavic name for person who lives near a stream


  • Name: Brooks
  • Meaning: of the brooks


  • Name: Brosnan
  • Meaning: person who lives by the Brosna river


  • Name: Burbank
  • Meaning: riverbank where burrs are


  • Name: Calder
  • Meaning: rocky water


  • Name: Callan
  • Meaning: Scandinavian name for flowing water


  • Name: Carlow
  • Meaning: quadruple lake


  • Name: Cary
  • Meaning: stream, from the River Cary


  • Name: Caspian
  • Meaning: from the Caspian sea


  • Name: Clifford
  • Meaning: near the ford by the cliff


  • Name: Clyde
  • Meaning: from the Clyde river


  • Name: Deniz
  • Meaning: Turkish name for waves; sea


  • Name: Devereax
  • Meaning: French name for riverbank


  • Name: Devere
  • Meaning: French name for from the fishing place


  • Name: Douglas
  • Meaning: Scottish name for black water


  • Name: Dover
  • Meaning: the waters, of the port of Dover in Kent


  • Name: Dylan
  • Meaning: Welsh name for son of the sea or born from the ocean



  • Name: Eaton/Etan
  • Meaning: English name for riverside


  • Name: Fisher
  • Meaning: Fisherman


  • Name: Fisk
  • Meaning: Fisherman


  • Name: Fleetwood
  • Meaning: woods by a stream


  • Name: Ford
  • Meaning: From the word ford, crossing a body of water on foot at a shallow point


  • Name: Harbor
  • Meaning: From the word harbor, coastal place where ships come to shelter


  • Name: Hiawatha
  • Meaning: Native American name for he makes rivers


  • Name: Holmes
  • Meaning: English name for island in the river


  • Name: Hudson
  • Meaning: from the Hudson River


  • Name: Hurley
  • Meaning: Irish name for the tide of the sea


  • Name: Innes
  • Meaning: Scottish name for of the river island


  • Name: Irving
  • Meaning: Gaelic name for green water; fresh water


  • Name: Jordan
  • Meaning: From the Jordan river


  • Name: Kai
  • Meaning: Hawaiian name for sea


  • Name: Kano
  • Meaning: water god


  • Name: Kelby
  • Meaning: Gaelic name for by the fountain


  • Name: Kelvin
  • Meaning: Celtic name for river man; from the narrow river


  • Name: Kenn
  • Meaning: Welsh name for clear water


  • Name: Lincoln
  • Meaning: town by the lake


  • Name: Loch
  • Meaning: Scottish name for lake


  • Name: Malik/Malek/Maliq
  • Meaning: Arabic name for king; wave


  • Name: Marsh
  • Meaning: one who lives by a marsh


  • Name: Maxwell
  • Meaning: Scottish name for great stream; one who lived by the stream of Maccus


  • Name: Merton
  • Meaning: English name for town or settlement by the lake


  • Name: Morrissey
  • Meaning: choice of the sea


  • Name: Moses
  • Meaning: Egyptian name for delivered from the river


  • Name: Murray
  • Meaning: Irish name for settlement of the sea


  • Name: Neptune
  • Meaning: God of the sea in Roman mythology


  • Name: Nile
  • Meaning: of The Nile River in Egypt


  • Name: Ocean
  • Meaning: from the word ocean


  • Name: Orwell
  • Meaning: Old English name for river’s branch



  • Name: Pacific
  • Meaning: of the Pacific ocean


  • Name: Rafferty
  • Meaning: Irish name for floodtide; abundance


  • Name: Ren
  • Meaning: Japanese name for lotus


  • Name: Rio
  • Meaning: Spanish name for river


  • Name: River
  • Meaning: from the word river, a flowing body of water


  • Name: Rivo
  • Meaning: Latin name for steam


  • Name: Romney
  • Meaning: English name for winding river


  • Name: Seaton
  • Meaning: Town by the sea


  • Name: Strom
  • Meaning: German name for stream


  • Name: Tahoe
  • Meaning; Native American name for edge of the lake; from Lake Tahoe


  • Name: Tal
  • Meaning: Hebrew name for rain; dew


  • Name: Trent
  • Meaning: The flooder


  • Name: Triton
  • Meaning: from Greek mythology, The Greek god Triton was the messenger of the sea and the son of sea god Neptune


  • Name: Wade
  • Meaning: English name meaning at the river crossing; from the word wade as in wade through the water


  • Name: Westbrook
  • Meaning: from the west brook


  • Name: Wharton
  • Meaning: farm near the river


  • Name: Wilton
  • Meaning: place by the stream


  • Name: Wyre
  • Meaning: winding river; Afon Wyre river in wales and the Wyre in Lancashire


  • Name: Zale
  • Meaning: Greek name for sea strength


Girl Names That Mean Water

  • Name: Amaya
  • Meaning: Japanese, Basque name for night rain; the end


  • Name: Anahita
  • Meaning: Persian for water and river goddess


  • Name: Aqua
  • From the color of aqua ( a blue-green-turquoise shade) and the synonym for water


  • Name: Ara
  • Meaning: Arabic name for ‘brings rain’


  • Name: Avonlea
  • Meaning: field by the river


  • Name: Baia
  • Meaning: Portuguese name for bay


  • Name: Beverley/Beverly
  • Meaning: Beaver stream; meadow


  • Name: Brooke
  • Meaning: small stream


  • Name: Cascade
  • Meaning: falling water


  • Name: Clodagh
  • Meaning: Irish river; saint


  • Name: Coral
  • Meaning: Latin name for underwater semi-precious sea growth


  • Name: Cordelia
  • Meaning: daughter of the sea


  • Name: Danu
  • Meaning: Celtic name for water goddess; river


  • Name: Delta
  • Meaning; change; from the word delta: a triangle of land form by a river


  • Name: Darya
  • Meaning: Iranian name for sea


  • Name: Derya
  • Meaning: Turkish name for sea


  • Name: Doris
  • Meaning: Greek name for gift of the ocean


  • Name: Dwyn
  • Meaning: Welsh name foe wave



  • Name: Eyre
  • Meaning: from Lake Eyre


  • Name: Gal
  • Meaning: Isreali name for wave


  • Name: Gali
  • Meaning: Hebrew name for wave


  • Name: Ginevra
  • Meaning: Italian name for white wave


  • Name: Guadalupe
  • Meaning: Spanish name for river with black stones


  • Name: Guinevere
  • Meaning: Welsh name for white wave


  • Name: Hali
  • Meaning: Greek name for sea


  • Name: Indra
  • Meaning: Indian name for warrior god of sky and rain


  • Name: Isla
  • Meaning: island; name of Scottish river


  • Name: Jenna
  • Meaning: white wave


  • Name: Jennifer
  • Meaning: white wave


  • Name: Jora
  • Meaning: Hebrew name for autumn rain


  • Name: Kaimana
  • Meaning: Hawaiian name for power of the ocean


  • Name: Kairi
  • Meaning: Japanese name for sea


  • Name: Kendall
  • Meaning: valley of the River Kent


  • Name: Kendra
  • Meaning: clear water


  • Name: Laguna
  • Meaning: derived from lagoon, Italian name for pond or lake


  • Name: Lake
  • Meaning: from the word Lake


  • Name: Locklyn
  • Meaning: Scottish name for lake land


  • Name: Lucerne
  • Meaning: from the Swiss lake


  • Name: Lynn
  • Meaning: Welsh name for lake


  • Name: Mar
  • Meaning: Spanish and Portuguese name for sea


  • Name: Maren/Marin
  • Meaning: Latin name for sea


  • Name: Marina
  • From the word marina which mean of the sea; a basin on a shore of a body of water


  • Name: Maya/Mayim
  • Meaning: Hebrew name for water


  • Name: Meara
  • Meaning: Irish name for pool; lake


  • Name: Mira
  • Meaning: Sanskrit name for ocean; sea


  • Name: Misty
  • Meaning: from the word mist, small droplets of water suspended in air


  • Name: Moana
  • Meaning: Polynesian name for sea


  • Name: Monroe
  • Meaning: dweller at the red marsh


  • Name: Morwenna
  • Meaning: Welsh name for waves of the sea



  • Name: Nahla
  • Meaning: Arabic name for first drink of water in the desert


  • Name: Naida
  • Meaning: Latin name for water nymph


  • Name: Narelle
  • Meaning: for the river in New South Wales


  • Name: Nebula
  • Meaning: Latin name for misty


  • Name: Nerida
  • Meaning: Greek name for Sea nymph; daughter of Nereus; mermaid


  • Name: Nimue
  • Meaning: Lady of the Lake from the Arthurian legend


  • Name: Nixie
  • Meaning: German name for water sprite or nymph


  • Name: Noelani
  • Meaning: Hawaiian name for heavenly mist


  • Name: Oceana
  • Meaning: Greek name from the word ocean


  • Name: Ondine
  • Meaning: Latin name for little wave


  • Name: Pavati
  • Meaning: Native American name for clear water


  • Name: Rain
  • Meaning: from the word rain, moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops


  • Name: Reva
  • Meaning: Hindi name for rain; one of the 7 sacred rivers in India


  • Name: Rilian
  • Meaning: German name for small stream


  • Name: Rosemary
  • Meaning: Latin name for dew of the sea


  • Name: Sabrina
  • Meaning: Celtic name from the river Severn


  • Name: Sailor/Saylor
  • Meaning: boat man


  • Name: Sereia
  • Meaning: Latin name for mermaid; siren


  • Name: Shannon
  • Meaning: from the River Shannon


  • Name: Talia
  • Meaning: Hebrew name for gentle rain


  • Name: Tallulah
  • Meaning: Native American name for leaping water


  • Name: Thalassa
  • Meaning: Greek name for the sea


  • Name: Varsha
  • Meaning: Hindi name for rain


  • Name: Yareli
  • Meaning: Native American name for water lady

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