180+ Cutest Baby Boy Names That Have Awesome Nicknames

Browse for the best names for kids with nicknames? Find the name of the sweetest baby that comes up with the best nickname on this list.

Choosing a name for your child can be difficult. There are so many options today. From modern to traditional, from short to long, from masculine to unisex, finding the right boy’s name can be overwhelming. Do you want something cute and classic? Or maybe a more unique baby name?

You want your son’s name to be appropriate for children and adults. After all, you will hate to dislike his own name when he grows old.

One option is to give your son a name that has good names. That way, as he gets older, you both have options.


Think about names that are special to you or your family? Say the name out loud to see if it will go well with your last name. Are there certain people you want to name your son after? Perhaps you want a completely unique name. Will the name be fitting for him as a baby and an adult? These are just some of the things to think about when choosing a good name for a baby boy.


Just as you choose a good name for a boy, you should choose a good nickname for him as well. A longer name might give you more options for nicknames. You can try them out to see which one your baby son responds to or is more fitting to his personality.

To help inspire you, below is a list of baby boy names that have great nicknames.


Cutest Baby Boy Names That Have Awesome Nicknames


  • Name: Aaron (Air, Ro, Ron)
  • Meaning: “mountain”


  • Name: Abraham (Abe, Abram, Brahm)
  • Meaning: “father of a multitude”


  • Name: Alexander (Al, Alex, Alec, Lex, Xander, Ander)
  • Meaning: “defender, protector of man”


  • Name: Alistair (Ali, Al)
  • Meaning: “defending men”


  • Name: Angelo (Ang, Angie, Angel)
  • Meaning: “messenger”


  • Name: Ambrose (Ames, Brose, Brody, Bo)
  • Meaning: “immortal”


  • Name: Andrew (Andy, Drew, Andre, Dre)
  • Meaning: “manly, strong, brave”


  • Name: Antonio (Ant, Nino, Toni, Tony, Tonio)
  • Meaning: “priceless”


  • Name: Anthony (Ant, Toni, Tony, Twan, Nino)
  • Meaning: “priceless”


  • Name: Armando (Arman, Armani)
  • Meaning: “soldier”


  • Name: Arthur (Art, Arte, Artie)
  • Meaning: “noble, courageous”


  • Name: Asher (Ash)
  • Meaning: “happy, blessed”


  • Name: Atticus (Att, Atty, Gus)
  • Meaning: “one from Attica”


  • Name: August (Aug, Auggie, Gus)
  • Meaning: “to increase, esteemed or venerable”


  • Name: Baron (Barr, Barry)
  • Meaning: “son of strength/vigor/potency”


  • Name: Benjamin (Ben, Benj, Benji, Benny)
  • Meaning: “son of the right hand”


  • Name: Brandon (Bran, Don, Brando, Donnie)
  • Meaning: “from the beacon hill”


  • Name: Beckett (Beck, Becks, Bex)
  • Meaning: “bee cottage”


  • Name: Bennett (Ben, Benny)
  • Meaning: “blessed”


  • Name: Braden (Brady, Brade)
  • Meaning: “broad valley”


  • Name: Braxton (Brax)
  • Meaning: “Bracc’s settlement”


  • Name: Brantley (Bran, Brant, Lee)
  • Meaning: “fire”


  • Name: Broderick (Brody, Rod, Roddy, Rick, Derick)
  • Meaning: “brother”


  • Name: Bronson (Bron, Bronnie)
  • Meaning: “son of brown-haired one”


  • Name: Brennan (Bren, Brenny)
  • Meaning: “sorrow or raven”


  • Name: Brendan (Bren, Brenny)
  • Meaning: “prince”


  • Name: Bryson (Bryce, Bry)
  • Meaning: “of Bryce, Noble’s son”


  • Name: Caden (Cade)
  • Meaning: “companion or friend, spirit of battle”


  • Name: Caleb (Cal, Cale )
  • Meaning: “brave, faithful”


  • Name: Callahan(Cal)
  • Meaning: “lover of church or bright-headed”


  • Name: Callum (Cal)
  • Meaning: “dove”


  • Name: Camden (Cami, Cam, Amden)
  • Meaning: “winding valley”


  • Name: Cameron (Cam, Cammy, Ron)
  • Meaning: “crooked nose or crooked river”


  • Name: Campbell (Cam)
  • Meaning: “crooked mouth”


  • Name: Carmelo (Carl, Melo)
  • Meaning: “gardan, orchard”



  • Name: Carter (Car, Art, Cart, Cary)
  • Meaning: “carrier”


  • Name: Casey (Cay, Case, Ace)
  • Meaning: “vigilant, brave, watchful”


  • Name: Cassius (Cass)
  • Meaning: “hollow”


  • Name: Charles (Charlie, Carl, Chas)
  • Meaning: “man”


  • Name: Christopher (Chris, Topher, Kit)
  • Meaning: “bearing Christ”


  • Name: Connor (Con)
  • Meaning: “strong-willed or wise”


  • Name: Christian (Chris, Ian)
  • Meaning: “Christian, follow Christ”


  • Name: Clayton (Clay)
  • Meaning: “place with good clay”


  • Name: Clifton (Cliff)
  • Meaning: “settlement by the cliff”


  • Name: Clinton (Clint)
  • Meaning: “settlement by the cliff”


  • Name: Colton (Colt, Cole)
  • Meaning: “from the coal or dark town”


  • Name: Cooper (Coop)
  • Meaning: “barrel maker”


  • Name: Corbin (Cory, Corb, Cobe)
  • Meaning: “crow, raven”


  • Name: Dakota (Kody)
  • Meaning: “friendly”


  • Name: Damian (Dame, Dom, Ian)
  • Meaning: “to tame”


  • Name: Daniel (Dan, Danny, Dane)
  • Meaning: “God is my judge”


  • Name: Davidson (Dave, David, Davis)
  • Meaning: “son of David” (David means “beloved”)


  • Name: Davis (Dave, Dav)
  • Meaning: “beloved”


  • Name: Declan (Dec, Dex, Len)
  • Meaning: “full of goodness”


  • Name: Desmond (Des, Desi)
  • Meaning: “gracious defender”


  • Name: Dimitry (Dimi, Tri)
  • Meaning: “follower of Demeter


  • Name: Dominic (Dom, Nick)
  • Meaning: “of our Lords”


  • Name: Donovan (Don, Donnie)
  • Meaning: “dark brown or dark haired”


  • Name: Edward (Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted)
  • Meaning: “wealthy guard”


  • Name: Elijah (El, Eli)
  • Meaning: “Jehovah is God”


  • Name: Elliott (El, Eli, Ellis)
  • Meaning: “with strength and right”


  • Name: Emerson
  • (Em, Emery, Sonny) Meaning: “son of Emery”


  • Name: Emmanuel (Em, Manny)
  • Meaning: “God with us”


  • Name: Erikson (Erik, Rick)
  • Meaning: “son of Erik”


  • Name: Evander (Evan, Van, Vander)
  • Meaning: “strong man, warrior”


  • Name: Everett (Rhett, Ev)
  • Meaning: “brave, wild boar, strong”


  • Name: Finnegan (Finn, Finny, Egan)
  • Meaning: “fair”


  • Name: Fredrick (Fred, Freddie)
  • Meaning: “peaceful ruler”


  • Name: Grayson (Gray, Sonny, Ayson)
  • Meaning: “son of Gray”


  • Name: Gordon (Gordy, Gordo, Don)
  • Meaning: “spacious, fort”


  • Name: Gideon (Gid, Ian, Deon)
  • Meaning: “feller, hewer”


  • Name: Gabriel (Gabe, Abe, Gil)
  • Meaning: “hero of God”


  • Name: Hayden (Hay, Hays)
  • Meaning: “hedged valley”


  • Name: Harrison (Harry, Harris)
  • Meaning: “son of Harry”


  • Name: Henley (Hen, Lee)
  • Meaning: “high meadow”


  • Name: Henderson (Henry, Ender)
  • Meaning: “ruler of the home”


  • Name: Isaac (Ike, Is-pronounced like “eyes”, Izzy)
  • Meaning: “he laughs”


  • Name: Isaiah (Is-pronounced like “eyes”, Zay, Ike)
  • Meaning: “the Lord is generous”


  • Name: Jackson (Jack, Jax, Jace, Jay)
  • Meaning: “son of Jack”


  • Name: Jacob (Coby, Jake, Jakey, Jack)
  • Meaning: “follow, to be behind” but also “to supplant, circumvent, assail, overreach”


  • Name: Jameson (James, Jimmie, Jay)
  • Meaning: “son of James”


  • Name: Jason (Jay, Jace)
  • Meaning: “to heal”


  • Name: Jayden (Jay, Ayden, JJ, Jayde)
  • Meaning: “thankful”


  • Name: Jeremiah (Jim, Jem, Jay, Jeremy, Remy)
  • Meaning: “Weeping prophet”


  • Name: Julian (Jules, Jude, Lee)
  • Meaning: “youthful”


  • Name: Jefferson (Jeff, Jeffrey)
  • Meaning: “son of Jeffrey”


  • Name: Jonathan (John, Johnny)
  • Meaning: “to give”


  • Name: Jordan (Jordy, Jo, Jord)
  • Meaning: “to flow down”


  • Name: Joseph (Joe, Joey, Jojo, Joss, Jose)
  • Meaning: “may he add”


  • Name: Joshua (Jo, Josh, Joss)
  • Meaning: “generous, to save”


  • Name: Josiah (Jo, Jojo, Joss, Si, Siah)
  • Meaning: “Jehovah has healed”


  • Name: Kaden (Kade, Kay)
  • Meaning: “companion or friend”


  • Name: Kaleb (Kal, Kale)
  • Meaning: “brave, faithful”


  • Name: Karter (Kar, Art)
  • Meaning: “carrier”


  • Name: Kamden (Kam, Amden)
  • Meaning: “winding valley”



  • Name: Kendrick (Ken, Rick, Ricky, Kenny)
  • Origin: Scottish, English. Meaning: “champion, royal ruler”


  • Name: Keaton (Key, Keat)
  • Meaning: “place of hawks”


  • Name: Keegan (Key)
  • Meaning: “fiery”


  • Name: Landon (Land, Lando)
  • Meaning: “long hill” or “ridge”


  • Name: Lawrence (Larry, Lor, Rory, Lore, Ren)
  • Meaning: “man from Laurentum”


  • Name: Leonardo (Leo, Leon, Len, Lenny)
  • Meaning: “brave lion”


  • Name: Lewis (Lew, Lewis)
  • Meaning: “renowned warrior”


  • Name: Lincoln (Linc)
  • Meaning: “town by the pool”


  • Name: Logan (Lo, Logie)
  • Meaning: “little hollow”


  • Name: Lorenzo (Enzo)
  • Meaning: “laureled”


  • Name: Lucas (Luc, Luca, Luke)
  • Meaning: “bright, shining”


  • Name: MacKinley (Mac)
  • Meaning: “son of the white warrior; learned ruler”


  • Name: Madden (Mads, Maddy)
  • Meaning: “smalldog milos”


  • Name: Malcolm (Mac, Cole)
  • Meaning: “devotee of Saint Columba, follower of God/Saint”


  • Name: Marcos (Mark)
  • Meaning: “God of War”


  • Name: Mason (Mace)
  • Meaning: “one who works with stone”


  • Name: Matthew (Matt, Matty)
  • Meaning: “gift from God”


  • Name: Maximilian (Max, Mac, Milly)
  • Meaning: “greatest”


  • Name: Maverick (Mav, Rick, Ricky)
  • Meaning: “independent, non-conformist”


  • Name: Merrick (Mer, Rick, Ricky)
  • Meaning: “Dark-skinned; A Moor”


  • Name: Michael (Mic, Mike, Mikey, Mickey)
  • Meaning “who is like God”


  • Name: Miles (Milo)
  • Meaning: “soldier”


  • Name: Mitchell (Mitch, Mick)
  • Meaning: “big”


  • Name: Morrison (Morri, Morris, Mors)
  • Meaning: “dark”


  • Name: Nathaniel (Nat, Nathan, Nate)
  • Meaning: “gift of God”


  • Name: Nelson (Neil, Nelly)
  • Meaning: “son of Neil”


  • Name: Nicholas (Nico, Nick, Nicky)
  • Meaning: “people”


  • Name: Oakley (Oak, Lee, Oaks)
  • Meaning: “from the oak”


  • Name: Oliver (Ollie, Levi)
  • Meaning: “the olive tree”


  • Name: Orlando (Orly, Lando, Lanny)
  • Meaning: “heroic”


  • Name: Oberon (Obi, Ron, Berry)
  • Meaning: “noble and bear like”


  • Name: Oswald (Oz, Ozzie)
  • Meaning: “divine power”


  • Name: Patrick (Pat, Paddy, Rick)
  • Meaning: “nobleman”


  • Name: Preston (Pres, Ron)
  • Meaning: “the priest’s village”


  • Name: Philip (Phil, Philly, Pip)
  • Meaning: “lover of horses”



  • Name: Paxton (Pax)
  • Meaning: “peace town”


  • Name: Peter (Pete, Petey)
  • Meaning: “stone”


  • Name: Quentin (Quinn, Quent)
  • Meaning: “queen’s manor ”


  • Name: Quincy (Quinn, Quince)
  • Meaning: “born fifth”


  • Name: Rafferty (Rafe, Ray)
  • Meaning: “abundance, prosperity”


  • Name: Raiden (Ray, Rady, Raid)
  • Meaning: “thunder and lightning”


  • Name: Raphael (Rafe, Raffy, Ralph)
  • Meaning: “God has healed”


  • Name: Raymond (Ray, Mondo)
  • Meaning: “counselor, protector”


  • Name: Reginald (Reg, Reggie)
  • Meaning: “advice, counsel”


  • Name: Remington (Rem, Remi, Remy)
  • Meaning: “raven settlement”


  • Name: Renly (Ren, Lee)
  • Meaning: invented name


  • Name: Renshaw (Ren, Shaw)
  • Meaning: “wood”


  • Name: Russell (Russ, Rusty)
  • Meaning: “little red”


  • Name: Richard (Rich, Dick, Rick, Ricky, Richie, Dicky)
  • Meaning: “strong or brave leader”


  • Name: Riley (Ry, Ryry)
  • Meaning: “wood clearing”


  • Name: Robert (Robbie, Rob, Robby, Bob, Bobby)
  • Meaning: “bright fame”


  • Name: Roman (Ro, Roro)
  • Meaning: “of Rome”


  • Name: Ronan (Ro, Roro)
  • Meaning: “little seal”


  • Name: Roscoe (Ross)
  • Meaning: “doe wood”


  • Name: Rowan (Ro, Roro)
  • Meaning: “little red-haired one”


  • Name: Samuel (Sam, Sammy)
  • Meaning: “name of God”


  • Name: Santiago (Sant, Tiago, Tigo)
  • Meaning: “Saint James”


  • Name: Seamus (Shea)
  • Meaning: “supplanter”


  • Name: Sebastian (Bass, Ash, Ashton, Bash, Bastian)
  • Meaning: “venerable; revered”


  • Name: Spencer (Spence, Spenny)
  • Meaning: “steward” or “administrator”


  • Name: Stanley (Stan, Lee)
  • Meaning: “stone”


  • Name: Steven (Steve, Stevie)
  • Meaning: “a crown, a garland”


  • Name: Tatum (Tate, Tay)
  • Meaning: “Tate’s homestead”


  • Name: Thomas (Tom, Tommy)
  • Meaning: “twin”


  • Name: Tristan (Tris, Stan)
  • Meaning: “ outcry”


  • Name: Theodore
  • (Dory, Theo, Ted, Teddy) Meaning: “God-given”


  • Name: Terrance
  • (Terry, Trace, Ren) Meaning: “heart”


  • Name: Timothy
  • (Tim, Timmy) Meaning: “honoring God”


  • Name: Thatcher (Thatch)
  • Meaning: “cover or roof”


  • Name: Trenton (Trent, Rent)
  • Meaning: “Trent’s town”



  • Name: Trevor (Trev, Trey, Rev)
  • Meaning: “big village, prudent”


  • Name: Tobias (Tobe, Toby)
  • Meaning “love God”


  • Name: Vincent (Vince, Vinny, Vin)
  • Meaning: “conquering”


  • Name: Victor (Vic)
  • Meaning: “conqueror”


  • Name: William (Will, Willy, Wills, Liam, Bill, Billy)
  • Meaning: “determined protector”


  • Name: Wesley (Wes, Les, Lee)
  • Meaning: “from the west meadow”


  • Name: Weston (Wes, West)
  • Meaning: “western town”


  • Name: Warren (Ren)
  • Meaning: “dweller at or keeper of a game preserve”


  • Name: Wilson (Will, Willy, Wills)
  • Meaning: “son of William”


  • Name: Xavier (Zay, Xavi)
  • Meaning: “bright; splendid; new house”


  • Name: Zachary (Zack, Zacky)
  • Meaning: “the Lord has remembered”

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