180+ Cutest Baby Girl Names That Have Charming Nicknames You’ll Love

Trying to find the best name for a girl who has big nicknames? Find the name of the sweetest girl who comes up with the best nickname in this list.

Choosing a name for your daughter can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from. There are classic and beautiful long names for girls. But maybe you want a cute and shiny nickname that can be derived from a tall girl’s name.

From modern to traditional, from short to long, from feminine to unisex, finding the right baby name can be overwhelming. Do you want something cute and classic? Or maybe a more unique baby name?

You want your daughter’s name to be appropriate for both children and adults. After all, you will hate to dislike his own name when he grows old.

Most nicknames come from someone’s first name. One option is to give your daughter a nickname. That way, as she gets older, you both have options.

What is a Good Nickname For a Girl?

A good nickname for a girl can compliment her shape, personality, or perhaps a fun memory. Most nicknames for girls are taken from the girl’s first name. That’s why you want to choose a good regular name that gives him nickname options if he wants to go by his nickname.

How To Choose The Perfect Baby Girl Name


When choosing the right name for your baby, you want to make sure it is something you will like now and in the future. Think about the opportunities your daughter will use her name: spelling it out at school, pronouncing it to others, listening to her during her graduation announcement. One day, that name will be on his list of experiences. Therefore, the correct name is important. If you do not decide, you can choose a name with a nice nickname to go with. That way, she can have a charming manikar when she’s younger, and be a little more professional when she grows up (or maybe she’ll have a lifelong nickname).

Cutest Baby Girl Names That Have Charming Nicknames You’ll Love

  • Name : Abigail (Abbie, Abby, Gale, Gail)
  • Meaning: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy”


  • Name : Addison (Addy, Addie)
  • Meaning: “last name derived from the name Adam”


  • Name : Adelaide (Addy)
  • Meaning: “noble-natured”


  • Name : Alanna(Alli, Aly, Lana)
  • Meaning: “precious” / “child”


  • Name : Alexandra (Al, Alex, Alexa, Allie, Ally, Andie, Lex, Lexa, Lexie, Sandra, Sandie, Sandy)
  • Meaning: from the name “Alexander” which means “protector of man” or “defender of man”


  • Name : Alexandria (Al, Alex, Alexa, Allie, Ally, Andie, Dria, Lex, Lexa, Lexie, Sandra, Sandie, Sandy)
  • Meaning: from the name “Alexander” which means “protector of man” or “defender of man


  • Name : Allison (Alli, Ally, Alice)
  • Meaning: “noble”


  • Name : Amberly (Amber)
  • Meaning: “color of warm honey shade”, Arabic for “a jewel-quality fossilized resin”


  • Name : Amelia (Amy, Lia, Mimi, Mia, Millie, Milly)
  • Meaning: “industrious”


  • Name : Anastasia (Stacie, Stacy, Stassi, Tasia, Stasia, Anna)
  • Meaning: “resurrection”


  • Name : Angelina (Ang, Angel, Angie, Annie, Gina, Lin, Lina)
  • Meaning: “messenger of God”


  • Name : Annabelle (Anna, Ann, Annie, Belle)
  • Meaning: French for “loving” or “grace and beauty”


  • Name : Annalee (Anna, Ann, Annie, Lee)
  • Meaning: “grace, pasture”


  • Name : Annalise (Anna, Ann, Annie, Lis)
  • Meaning: “Graced with God’s bounty”


  • Name : Antoinette (Ann, Annie, Toni, Netta)
  • Meaning: “beyond praise or highly praiseworthy”


  • Name : Arabella (Ari, Bella)
  • Meaning: “yielding to prayer”


  • Name : Aurelia (Ray, Eli, Lia)
  • Meaning: “golden one”


  • Name : Bernadette (Bernie, Bern)
  • Meaning: “brave as a bear”


  • Name : Bethany (Annie, Betty, Beth, Effie, Bethel)
  • Meaning: “house of affliction”


  • Name : Blakeley (Blake, Lee, Lea)
  • Meaning: “dark woodland clearing”


  • Name : Brianna (Bri, Anna, Anne, Annie)
  • Meaning: “high, noble, strong”


  • Name : Brinleigh (Brin, Leigh, Lee)
  • Meaning: “burnt meadow”


  • Name : Cadence (Cadie, Cade, Cady)
  • Meaning: “rhythmic flow of sounds”


  • Name : Camilla (Cami, Camie, Cam, Mila, Millie)
  • Meaning: “servant for the temple; Free-born; noble


  • Name : Cameron (Cami, Cam, Cammy)
  • Meaning: “crooked nose”


  • Name : Carlotta (Carly, Carl, Lottie)
  • Meaning:  “strong”


  • Name : Caroline (Carrie, Cara, Carole)
  • Meaning: “song of happiness or joy”


  • Name : Cassandra (Cass, Cassie, Sandra, Sandy)
  • Meaning: “unheeded prophetess”


  • Name : Cassidy (Cass, Cassie)
  • Meaning: “clever” or “curly-haired”


  • Name : Catherine (Cat, Cate, Cathy, Catie, Kit, Kitty)
  • Meaning: “pure” or “clear”


  • Name : Charlotte (Char, Charlie, Lola, Lottie)
  • Meaning: “petite” or “feminine”


  • Name : Christina (Chris, Christy, Tina, Christa, Christine)
  • Meaning: “follower of Christ”



  • Name: Claudia (Claude, Claudi, Dia)
  • Meaning:”lame; enclosure”


  • Name: Clementine (Clem, Tina)
  • Meaning: “mild; merciful”


  • Name: Coraline (Cora, Coral, Cory)
  • Meaning: “coral”


  • Name: Cordelia (Cordy, Cord, Delia, Lia)
  • Meaning: “heart”


  • Name: Danica (Dani, Dannie, Niki, Nika)
  • Meaning: “morning star”


  • Name: Danielle (Danni, Dani, Nani, Elle)
  • Meaning: “God is my judge”


  • Name: Davina (Davi, Vina)
  • Meaning: “beloved” or “friend”


  • Name: Delaney (Dellie, Laney, Lane)
  • Meaning: “dark challenger”


  • Name: Delilah (Lila, Lilah, Ly)
  • Meaning: “amorous, delight, flirt”


  • Name: Desiree (Des, Desi, Dez, Rae, Dezi)
  • Meaning: “desired”


  • Name: Destiny (Desi, Dez, Dessie)
  • Meaning: “certain fortune, fate”


  • Name: Elaina (Lana, Elaine, Lainie, Elle, Ella, Laine)
  • Meaning: “bright, shining light”


  • Name: Elaine (Lainey, Ellie, Laine)
  • Meaning: “shining light or sun ray”


  • Name: Eleanor (Ellen, Nora, Elle, Elly, Elle, Nori, Nell)
  • Meaning: “bright, shining one”


  • Name: Elizabeth (Beth, Betsy, Betty, Ellie, Eliza, Libby, Liz, Liza, Lizzie)
  • Meaning: “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance”


  • Name: Emilia (Em, Emmy, Emma, Lia, Millie)
  • Meaning: “rival”


  • Name: Emmalyn (Em, Emma, Emmy, Lyn)
  • Meaning: “peaceful home”


  • Name: Emmeline (Emma, Em, Emmy, Emily)
  • Meaning: “peaceful home”


  • Name: Evangeline (Evie, Eve, Lina)
  • Meaning: “Good news, bringer of good news”


  • Name: Evelyn (Eve, Lynn, Eva, Evie)
  • Meaning: “desired, light, hazelnut”


  • Name: Faelan (Fae, Lynn, Elyn, Lenny)
  • Meaning: “little wolf”


  • Name: Felicia (Elle, Lish, Ellie, Licia)
  • Meaning: “happy”


  • Name: Felicity (Fliss, Lis, Lissa)
  • Meaning: “happiness”; “luck, good fortune”


  • Name: Florence (Flor, Flo, Florie, Lo)
  • Meaning: “blossoming”


  • Name: Francesca (Fran, Frannie, Frankie, Cesca, Francine)
  • Meaning: “free one”


  • Name: Gabriella (Gab, Gabby, Gabs, Brielle, Briella, Ella, Elle)
  • Meaning: “God is my strength”


  • Name: Gabrielle (Gab, Gabby, Gabs, Ellie, Belle)
  • Meaning: “God is my might”


  • Name: Genevieve (Eve, Evie, Genna, Ginny, Viv, Gina)
  • Meaning: “woman of the race”


  • Name: Gladiola (Gladys, Gladdy)
  • Meaning: “flower”


  • Name: Gracelyn (Grace, Lynn, Gracie)
  • Meaning: “inspired by grace”


  • Name: Gracie (Grace, Gray, Rae)
  • Meaning: “inspired by grace”


  • Name: Guinevere (Gwen, Vera, Winnie, Ginny)
  • Meaning: “white”, “fair”, “smooth”


  • Name: Gwendolyn (Gwen, , Gwennie, Winnie, Wendy, Lyn)
  • Meaning: “fair-browed”


  • Name: Gwyneth (Gwen, Gwennie)
  • Meaning: “white”; “blessed”



  • Name: Hannah (Hanni, Han)
  • Meaning: “favour, grace”


  • Name: Helena (Helen, Lena, Lennie)
  • Meaning: “bright, shining light”


  • Name: Henrietta (Etta, Ettie, Hattie)
  • Meaning: “home ruler”


  • Name: Hillary (Hil, Hilly)
  • Meaning: “cheerful, merry”


  • Name: Holly (Holl, Olly)
  • Derived from “the holly tree”


  • Name: Imogen (Mo, Genny, Gen, Momo)
  • Meaning: “possibly “maiden” or “girl”


  • Name: Isabella (Bella, Belle, Izzy)
  • Meaning: “pledged to God”


  • Name: Ivana (Iva, Vana)
  • Meaning: “God’s gracious gift”


  • Name: Ivette (Ivy, Eve, Ivee)
  • Meaning: “yew tree”


  • Name: Jacquelyn (Jackie, Jax)
  • Meaning: “may God protect”


  • Name: Jasmine (Jas, Mina, Jazzy, Minnie)
  • Meaning: “gift of God”


  • Name: Jaden (Jade, Jadey)
  • Meaning: “God has heard”


  • Name: Jaylee (Jay, Lee)
  • Meaning: madeup name


  • Name: Jennifer: Jen, Jenny, Jenna
  • Meaning: “the fair one”


  • Name: Jessica (Jess, Jessie)
  • Meaning: “gifts” or “God beholds”


  • Name: Johanna (Joanie, Hanna, Hannie, Jo, Joni)
  • Meaning: “God is gracious”


  • Name: Josephine (Jo, Josie, Jojo, Fifi)
  • Meaning: “God will add”; God will increase”


  • Name: Julianna (Julie, Jules, Juju, Anna)
  • Meaning: “descended from love”


  • Name: Juliette (Julie, Jules, Etta, Jetta)
  • Meaning: “youthful”


  • Name: Kadence (Kadie, Kade, Kady)
  • Meaning: “rhythm”


  • Name: Kaitlyn (Kait, Kat, Katy, Kay, Lynn)
  • Meaning: “pure”


  • Name: Katherine (Kate, Katie, Kathy, Kat, Kit, Kitty)
  • Meaning: “pure”


  • Name: Kathleen (Kat, Kathy, Leena, Kiki, Kate, Kath)
  • Meaning: “pure, clear”


  • Name: Katrina (Kat, Trina)
  • Meaning: “pure”; “unsullied”


  • Name: Kendall (Dolly, Kenny, Ken, Kay, Doll)
  • Meaning: “royal valley”


  • Name: Kimberly (Kim, Kimmy, Kimber, Kiki)
  • “From the wood of the royal forest”


  • Name: Kristen (Kris, Kiki, Kristie)
  • Meaning: “follower of Christ”


  • Name: Laurel (Laurie, Laura, Aura)
  • Meaning: “laurel tree”


  • Name: Layla (Lay, Lola)
  • Meaning: “dark beauty” or “one who was born at night”


  • Name: Leilani (Leila, Lani, Lea)
  • Meaning: “heavenly flowers”


  • Name: Liana (Lil, Lian, Ana)
  • Meaning: “to climb like a vine”

  • Name: Liliana (Lil, Lila, Ana, Lily, Lana)
  • Meaning: “lily”


  • Name: Lorelei (Lori, Rory)
  • Meaning: “alluring” or “temptress”


  • Name: Lorraine (Lori, Raine, Lora)
  • Meaning: “From the province of Lorraine”


  • Name: Luciana (Luci, Lucy, Ana, Lulu)
  • Meaning: “light”


  • Name: Lucille (Lucy, Lucy, Lulu)
  • Meaning: “light”


  • Name: Lydia (Lyds, Lydi, Lia)
  • Meaning: “kind, kindred spirit”


  • Name: Mackenzie (Mac, Kenzie, Macey, Kenz)
  • Meaning: “child of the wise leader” or “born of fire”


  • Name: Madeline (Maddie, Maddy, Lynn, Ada, Addie)
  • Meaning: “high tower” or “woman from Magdala”


  • Name: Madison (Maddy, Mads)
  • Meaning: “son of Matthew” or “son of Maud”


  • Name: Magdalena (Maggie, Magda, Lena)
  • Meaning: “from Magdala”


  • Name: Magnolia (Maggie, Nola)
  • Meaning: “flower”


  • Name: Makayla (Kayla, Kaylie, Mikey, Kay, Mickey)
  • Meaning: “who is like God”


  • Name: Margaret (Greta, Margot, Maggie, Maisie, Marge, Margie, Margo, May, Meg, Molly, Peg, Peggy)
  • Meaning: “pearl”


  • Name: Marielle (Marie, Elle)
  • Meaning: “star of the sea”


  • Name: Matilda (Mattie, Tilda)
  • Meaning: “mighty in battle”


  • Name: Melanie (Mel, Lanie, Melly)
  • Meaning: “dark”


  • Name: Melissa (Liss, Lissa, Mel, Mellie, Missy)
  • Meaning: “bee”


  • Name: Mercedes (Merce, Mercy, Sadie)
  • Meaning: “Mercies”


  • Name: Meredith (Merry, Edith)
  • Meaning: “great lord”


  • Name: Michelle (Shelly, Chelle, Micha)
  • Meaning: “gift from God”


  • Name: Miranda (Mira, Missy, Andie, Andy)
  • Meaning: “worthy of admiration”


  • Name: Nadia (Nani, Nada, Naya)
  • Meaning: “hope”


  • Name: Nadine (Nadi, Dina)
  • Meaning: “hope”


  • Name: Natalia (Nat, Nati, Lia, Tali, Talia)
  • Meaning: “born at Christmas


  • Name: Natalie (Nat, Nattie, Nettie, Tallie)
  • Meaning: “born at Christmas”


  • Name: Natasha (Nat, Nattie, Sasha, Tasha)
  • Meaning: “born at Christmas”


  • Name: Nicolette (Nicole, Niki, Nika, Nic, Colette)
  • Meaning: “people’s victory”


  • Name: Nikita (Nick, Kita, Niki, Kita)
  • Meaning: “people’s victory”


  • Name: Noelle (Noe, Elle, Ellie)
  • Meaning: “birthday”


  • Name: Octavia (Ava, Avie, Avia, Tav, Tavi)
  • Meaning: “born eighth”


  • Name: Odessa (Ada, Odie, Essa, Dessa)
  • Meaning: “wrathful”


  • Name: Olivia (Livia, Liv, Livvie, Ollie, Olive)
  • Meaning: “olive tree”


  • Name: Ophelia (Effie, Phelia, O, Felia)
  • Meaning: “help”


  • Name: Oriana (Ora, Orri, Orrie)
  • Meaning: “dawn”


  • Name: Paisley (Pai, Paisy, Pais)
  • Meaning: “church”


  • Name: Patricia (Pat, Patty, Patsy, Tricia, Trish)
  • Meaning: “noble”


  • Name: Paulina (Pauli, Pollie, Polly, Lina)
  • Meaning: “small”


  • Name: Payton (Pay, Pey)
  • Meaning: “from the fighter’s farm”


  • Name: Penelope (Lola, Nell, Pippa, Penny)
  • Meaning: “weaver”


  • Name: Phoebe (Fee, Fifi, Pheebs)
  • Meaning: “bright and shining”


  • Name: Prudence (Pru)
  • Meaning: “good judgement”


  • Name: Quincy (Quinn, Quinny, Quince)
  • Meaning: “fifth”


  • Name: Rachel (Rach, Rae, Rachie, Chele, Shelly)
  • Meaning: “ewe, female sheep”


  • Name: Rachelle (Chelle, Shell, Shelly)
  • Meaning: “lamb”


  • Name: Ramona (Nona, Mona, Ramie)
  • Meaning: “wise protector”


  • Name: Rebecca (Reba, Becca, Becky, Becks)
  • Meaning: “join, tie, snare”


  • Name: Renee (Wren, Renny)
  • Meaning: “reborn”


  • Name: Roberta (Berta, Bobbie, Robbie)
  • Meaning: “bright and shining with fame”


  • Name: Rosalie (Rosa, Rose, Rosie, Sally)
  • Derived from Rosalia, which is Latin for “rose”


  • Name: Rosanna (Rory, Rose, Rosie, Annie, Anna)
  • Meaning: “rose of grace”


  • Name: Rosemary (Ro, Romy, Rosa, Rose, Rosie, Rosey, Mary)
  • Meaning: “dew of the sea”


  • Name: Sabrina (Bree, Breena, Sabi)
  • Meaning: “from the river Severn”


  • Name: Samantha (Sam, Sammi, Sammy)
  • Meaning: “God heard”


  • Name: Savannah (Sav, Savi, Vann, Vanna)
  • Meaning: “treeless plain”


  • Name: Scarlett (Lettie, Letta, Scar)
  • Meaning: “deep red color”


  • Name: Seraphina (Sera, Seri, FiFi, Phina)
  • Meaning: “fiery ones”


  • Name: Serena (Sera, Seri, Rena, Sia, Ria)
  • Meaning: “clear, tranquil, serene”


  • Name: Serenity (Seri, Sera, Rennie)
  • Meaning: “serene, calm”


  • Name: Skylar (Sky)
  • Meaning: “scholar”


  • Name: Sophia (Fifi, Phia, Soph, Sophie)
  • Meaning: “wisdom, wise”


  • Name: Stephanie (Steph, Stephie, Stevie)
  • Meaning: “crown, victorious”



  • Name: Talia (Tally, Tal)
  • Meaning “dew from Heaven”


  • Name: Tamara (Tammy, Tam, Mara, Tara)
  • Meaning: “palm tree”


  • Name: Tatiana (Tanya, Tati, Taty, Tiana)
  • Meaning: “Feminine of Roman family”


  • Name: Teresa (Terri, Terry, Tess)
  • Meaning: “to gather”


  • Name: Tiffany (Tiff, Tia, Tiffy)
  • Meaning: “manifestation of God”


  • Name: Trinity (Trin, Trixie, Trinny)
  • Meaning: “triad”


  • Name: Ululani (Ulu, Lani)
  • Meaning: “inspired by Heaven; heavenly grove”


  • Name: Ulyana (Uly, Ana)
  • Meaning: “youthful, downy”


  • Name: Valentina (Val, Tina, Vina)
  • Meaning: “strong, healthy”


  • Name: Vanessa (Ness, Nessa, Van)
  • Meaning: “butterfly”


  • Name: Veronica (Vera, Roni, Nika)
  • Meaning: “true image”


  • Name: Victoria (Tori, Toria, Ria, Vicky, Vic, Vicks)
  • Meaning: “victory”


  • Name: Vivienne (Viv, Vivi, Vinnie, Vi)
  • Meaning: “lively”


  • Name: Wilhelmina (Willa, Will, Willy, Mina)
  • Meaning: “willing to protect”


  • Name: Willow (Will, Willa, Lo)
  • Meaning: “slender, graceful”


  • Name: Winifred (Win, Winni, Freddie)
  • Meaning: “fair one; white and smooth”


  • Name: Winona (Winnie, Winna, Nona, Nonnie)
  • Meaning: “first-born daughter”


  • Name: Winter (Winny, Win)
  • Meaning: “born in the winter”


  • Name: Yohana (Hannah, Anna)
  • Meaning: “God is gracious”


  • Name: Yvonne (Eve, Evee, Evie, Vonna, Vonnie)
  • Meaning: “yew”


  • Name: Zaidee (Zai, Dee, Aidy)
  • Meaning: “dazzling, splendor”


  • Name: Zinnia (Zin, Nia)
  • Meaning: “worthy, to be praised”

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