20 Best Riddles ever Puzzle


20 Best Riddles ever Puzzle

If you are searching for  Best Riddles ever you are at the right place. There are a lot of Best Best Riddles ever with their answers. You can send it to your friends, family member or to anyone which you know. If you send a Riddle to someone he will be confused. If they are genius then they can solve the Riddle. We can divide people in this world into two categories according to Riddles. One type of person is that who thinks and works hard to solve the riddles. Another type of person is that who say what answer is and do not think about itself. This does not matter that you are a genius or not if you work hard and think again and again you can solve riddles. Riddles can increase the level of your genius.

There are many advantages of Riddles. If you are sad then find interesting riddle and full focus on that riddle. Your mind will think about the riddle and will forget about sadness. You feel happy after solving the riddle. If your children say we are bored then give them a riddle from (www.best-riddles.com). They will enjoy riddle. You can also check Best Riddles ever from our site.

This is the best place for riddles and answers in this world. Here you can check your puzzle mind power. In this post, you can find the best Best Riddles ever. This is your mission to solve these Riddles. Do not worry this is not a mission impossible. As I said earlier if you work hard you can solve every riddle.

20 Best Riddles ever

Riddle #1

Until I am measured I am not known.
Yet how you miss me when I have flown.



Riddle #2

If you drop me I’m sure to crack,
but give me a smile and I’ll always smile back.



Riddle #3

What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?



Riddle #4

It’s red, blue, purple and green.
No one can reach it, not even the queen.



Riddle #5

best_riddles_ever (4)
I am the beginning of the end and the end of time and space.
I am essential to creation, and I surround every place.

The letter “E”


Riddle #6

best_riddles_ever (5)
The one who makes it always sells it.
The one who buys it never uses it.
The one who uses it never knows he’s using it.



Riddle #7

best_riddles_ever (6)
What’s black when you get it, red when you use it, and white when you’re done with it?



Riddle #8

best_riddles_ever (7)
Each morning I appear to lie at your feet.
All day I will follow no matter how fast you run, yet I nearly perish in the midday sun.



Riddle #9

best_riddles_ever (8)
My life can be measured in hours.
I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick. Fat, I am slow.
Wind is my foe.



Riddle #10

best_riddles_ever (9)
You’ve heard me before, yet you hear me again,
Then I die ’til you call me again.



Riddle #11

best_riddles_ever (10)
What does man love more than life,
Fear more than death or mortal strife.
What the poor have, the rich require,
and what contented men desire.
What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves,
And all men carry to their graves?



Riddle #12

best_riddles_ever (11)
Three lives have I.
Gentle enough to soothe the skin,
Light enough to caress the sky,
Hard enough to crack rocks.



Riddle #13

best_riddles_ever (12)
At the sound of me, men may dream or stamp their feet.
At the sound of me, women may laugh or sometimes weep.



Riddle #14
I build up castles, I tear down mountains.
I make some men blind, I help others to see.


Riddle #15

best_riddles_ever (13)
Reaching stiffly for the sky, I bare my fingers when it’s cold.
In warmth I wear an emerald glove, and in between I dress in gold.



Riddle #16

best_riddles_ever (14)
Whoever makes it, tells it not.
Whoever takes it, knows it not.
Whoever knows it, wants it not.

Counterfeit money


Riddle #17

best_riddles_ever (15)
You saw me where I never was and where I could not be. And yet within that very place, my face you often see.



Riddle #18

best_riddles_ever (16)
Say my name and I disappear.



Riddle #19

best_riddles_ever (17)
I drift forever with the current down these long canals they’ve made.
Tame, yet wild, I run elusive, multitasking to your aid.
Before I came, the world was darker. Colder, sometimes, rougher, true.
But though I might make living easy, I’m good at killing people too.



Riddle #20

best_riddles_ever (18)
I am always hungry and will die if not fed, whatever I touch will soon turn red.


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