75+ Beautiful German Girl Names Ideas With Meanings

Looking for strong German names? Here are the names of some famous and traditional German girls to use for the latest member of your family.

Choosing a new name for the new girl in your life can be a great choice. There are options for everything from traditional and old German to modern and famous German girls.

For your little lady, you can choose a girl’s name based on your German heritage or just German culture. The names of German girls may seem really traditional, such as Hilda and Heidi, or contemporaries such as Alison and Adele.

German names can mean many things, from sweet, strong or great. Narrow down your name list by looking at the list below.

Consider the names of these German girls when you browse name ideas. Here are some ideas for female German names for your little lady.

75+ Beautiful German Girl Names Ideas to Consider With Meanings

  • Name: Adellene/Adelina/Adelita
  • Meaning: The Kindness or Nobility


  • Name: Adaleigh
  • Meaning: One Who is Honorable and Full of Morals


  • Name: Adalee/Adali
  • Meaning: A Noble Wood or the Nobility of Wood


  • Name: Adelredus
  • Meaning: A Red-Haired Noble Person


  • Name: Addie
  • Meaning: German Variation of Adela


  • Name: Addler
  • Meaning: A Eagle or a Person with the Quality of an Eagle


  • Name: Adette
  • Meaning: Sweet; Noble


  • Name: Aili
  • Meaning: Sweet


  • Name: Alda
  • Meaning: Wise, Elder


  • Name: Agatha
  • Meaning: Good


  • Name: Alison
  • Meaning: Noble


  • Name: Aliosa
  • Meaning: Famous Warrior


  • Name: Amalia
  • Meaning: Work


  • Name: Amara
  • Meaning: Eternal


  • Name: Bathilda
  • Meaning: Woman Warrior


  • Name: Belinda
  • Meaning: Bright Serpent


  • Name: Berdina
  • Meaning: Glorious


  • Name: Berit
  • Meaning: Glorious, Intelligent


  • Name: Bernadine
  • Meaning: Strength of a Bear


  • Name: Betsy
  • Meaning: Consecrated to God


  • Name: Cara
  • Meaning: A Dear One, A Dear Lady


  • Name: Carleigh
  • Meaning: A Free Peasant Girl


  • Name: Carol
  • Meaning: A Hymn or a Song


  • Name: Carrie
  • Meaning: A Strong Woman


  • Name: Chay
  • Meaning: A Fairy Tale


  • Name: Chloe
  • Meaning: Victory, Conquest or Achievement of the People


  • Name: Clara
  • Meaning: One Who is Distinguished, Clear and Bright


  • Name: Edelle
  • Meaning: A Superior Person, Has Excellent Taste


  • Name: Dagna
  • Meaning: A Special Day


  • Name: Dame
  • Meaning: A Lady


  • Name: Ehren
  • Meaning: A Honourable and Kind Hearted Individual


  • Name: Edelmar
  • Meaning: One Who is Famous for Noble Personality


  • Name: Ediline
  • Meaning: Gracious


  • Name: Elsie
  • Meaning: Noble


  • Name: Elyse/Elise
  • Meaning: Noble


  • Name: Ems
  • Meaning: The Whole Universe


  • Name: Freeda
  • Meaning: A Ruler Who is Peaceful, It Means Beloved in Old Norse


  • Name: Geraldine
  • Meaning: Rules By The Spear


  • Name: Gerda
  • Meaning: Protected


  • Name: Gertrude
  • Meaning: Spear of Strength


  • Name: Ghislaine
  • Meaning: Pleasant Oath


  • Name: Gisela/Gisella
  • Meaning: Pledge


  • Name: Gretchen
  • Meaning: Little Pearl


  • Name: Gretel
  • Meaning: Pearl


  • Name: Gretta
  • Meaning: They Are Very Stable, Family Loving and Love to Work Together


  • Name: Harriet
  • Meaning: Rules the Home


  • Name: Hawisa
  • Meaning: Clever, Bright, Intelligent


  • Name: Heidi
  • Meaning: Sweet; Noble


  • Name: Helene
  • Meaning: German version of Helen


  • Name: Helga
  • Meaning: Blessed; Holy


  • Name: Henrietta
  • Meaning: Rules the Home

  • Name: Ida
  • Meaning: A Woman Who is Hardworking


  • Name: Ilsa
  • Meaning: German Version of Elizabeth


  • Name: Irma
  • Meaning: Strength


  • Name: Isa
  • Meaning: Strong-Willed


  • Name: Isolde
  • Meaning: Ice Ruler


  • Name: Jaselle
  • Meaning: One Who is Pledged


  • Name: Jeri
  • Meaning: Spear Ruler


  • Name: Karin
  • Meaning: Pure; German version of Katherine


  • Name: Karlotta
  • Meaning: Tiny; Feminine


  • Name: Kristol
  • Meaning: A Woman Who is Made of Ice, or Crystals


  • Name: Lea
  • Meaning: Person Who Brings Good News


  • Name: Leisl
  • Meaning: My God is bountiful; German Version of Elizabeth


  • Name: Lindsay
  • Meaning: A Person Who is From the Lincoln Island


  • Name: Loralei
  • Meaning: Laurel; Sweet Bay Tree


  • Name: Louisa
  • Meaning: Famous in War


  • Name: Lynde
  • Meaning: A Gentle Person


  • Name: Maddalen/Maddalyn
  • Meaning: Magnificent


  • Name: Malene
  • Meaning: She Who is Magnificent


  • Name: Marion
  • Meaning: Bitter


  • Name: Matilda
  • Meaning: Battle Maiden


  • Name: Millicent
  • Meaning: Noble: Strong


  • Name: Morgen
  • Meaning: One Who Circles Around the Sea to Defend it


  • Name: Nadetta/Nadette
  • Meaning: Courage of a Bear

  • Name: Nanetta
  • Meaning: A Graceful Queen or Empress


  • Name: Odelette
  • Meaning: The Guardian of the Mankind


  • Name: Olga
  • Meaning: Blessed; Holy


  • Name: Petra
  • Meaning: Rock


  • Name: Petri
  • Meaning: One Who is Like Rock


  • Name: Porsche
  • Meaning: An Offering or a Contribution


  • Name: Rainah
  • Meaning: An Advice Giver


  • Name: Rilla
  • Meaning: Brook


  • Name: Robbey
  • Meaning: One Who is Famously Acclaimed


  • Name: Romy
  • Meaning: A Person from Rome, or Can Also Mean Rosemary


  • Name: Rosamund
  • Meaning: Guardian


  • Name: Saacha
  • Meaning: A Person Who Helps and Defends People


  • Name: Sarah
  • Meaning: Princess


  • Name: Selma
  • Meaning: God’s Helmet


  • Name: Tamina
  • Meaning: A Twin Sister to Someone


  • Name: Thea
  • Meaning: Gift of God


  • Name: Ulla
  • Meaning: Mistress of All


  • Name: Ulva
  • Meaning: She Wolf


  • Name: Vanda
  • Meaning: A Warrior


  • Name: Venetia
  • Meaning: Courage of a Bear


  • Name: Wilhelmina
  • Meaning: Peace


  • Name: Zelda
  • Meaning: Blessed or Happy

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