75+ Most Popular Greek Baby Names For Boys

Looking for great Greek names for boys? Inspired by Greek mythology or modern Greek culture, get the names of these Greek boys with meaning.

You are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your newborn son. In the meantime, have you chosen a name for it yet?

Greece has influenced names all over the world. This ancient country has provided many stories, art, literature and culture that are visible in modern times.

Consider a Greek name for your child. Most Western cultures already exist. Modern Greek boy names such as Philip, Andrew and Lucas are originally from Greece.

If you want more “Greek Voice” names, consider boy names like Constantine, Nico and Costas. You can also draw inspiration from the Greek gods with legendary Greek names such as Apollo, Iris and Helios.

For more name ideas, see the list of Greek boy names below.

75+ Most Popular Greek Baby Names For Boys


  • Name: Abacus
  • Meaning: Table, Tablet


  • Name: Adrian
  • Meaning: Water


  • Name: Aesop
  • Meaning: From Greek


  • Name: Alec
  • Meaning: Form of Alexander; Defender of Man


  • Name: Alexander
  • Meaning: Defender of Man


  • Name: Alistair
  • Meaning: Defender of Man


  • Name: Ambrose
  • Meaning: Divine; Immortal


  • Name: Andrew
  • Meaning: Strong and Manly


  • Name: Angelo
  • Meaning: Messenger


  • Name: Arie
  • Meaning: Excellent Purpose


  • Name: Atticus
  • Meaning: From Attica


  • Name: Bacchus
  • Meaning: Greek Name


  • Name: Basil
  • Meaning: Regal


  • Name: Calix
  • Meaning: Chalice


  • Name: Collin
  • Meaning: Pup


  • Name: Christos
  • Meaning: Messiah; Annointed One


  • Name: Constantine
  • Meaning: Stable; Consistent; Steadfast


  • Name: Cyrus
  • Meaning: Lord


  • Name: Delias
  • Meaning: From Delos


  • Name: Demetrius
  • Meaning: Follower of Demeter


  • Name: Dorian
  • Meaning: Gift


  • Name: Eugene
  • Meaning: Wellborn, Noble


  • Name: Galen
  • Meaning: Calm, Healer


  • Name: George
  • Meaning: Work; of Earth; Farmer


  • Name: Gregor
  • Meaning: Vigilant, a Watchman


  • Name: Halcyon
  • Meaning: Kingfisher Bird


  • Name: Hero
  • Meaning: Hero; Demi-God


  • Name: Homer
  • Meaning: Security, Pledge


  • Name: Icarus
  • Meaning: Greek Name


  • Name: Isidore
  • Meaning: Gift of Isis



  • Name: Jason
  • Meaning: Healer


  • Name: Janus
  • Meaning: Gateway


  • Name: Jeno
  • Meaning: Noble Aristocrat


  • Name: Jerome
  • Meaning: Scared Name


  • Name: Kostas
  • Meaning: Steady, Stable


  • Name: Lex
  • Meaning: Defending Men


  • Name: Lucas
  • Meaning: Man from Lucania


  • Name: Markos
  • Meaning: War-like


  • Name: Myles
  • Meaning: Destroyer


  • Name: Neander
  • Meaning: New Man


  • Name: Nicholas
  • Meaning: nation’s conquerer


  • Name: Nico
  • Meaning: People of Victory


  • Name: Orion
  • Meaning: Rising in the sky, dawn


  • Name: Otis
  • Meaning: Keen of heearing


  • Name: Pello
  • Meaning: Stone


  • Name: Peter
  • Meaning: Rock


  • Name: Philip
  • Meaning: Lover of Horses


  • Name: Phoenix
  • Meaning: Dark Red


  • Name: Pluto
  • Meaning: Rich


  • Name: Rhodes
  • Meaning: Where Roses Grow


  • Name: Romano
  • Meaning: City


  • Name: Sandros
  • Meaning: Defender of Man


  • Name: Socrates
  • Meaning: Greek Philosopher


  • Name: Stavros
  • Meaning: Crowned


  • Name: Thaddeus
  • Meaning: Courageous


  • Name: Thanos
  • çImmortality


  • Name: Timothy
  • Meaning: Reward, Honor


  • Name: Vassilis
  • Meaning: Royal


  • Name: Vernados
  • Meaning: Courage of the Bear


  • Name: Xander
  • Meaning: Defending Men


  • Name: Yiannis
  • Meaning: God is Gracious


  • Name: Zale
  • Meaning: Power of the sea

Greek Mythology Names For Boys

  • Name: Achilles
  • Meaning: Thin-lipped; hero of the Greeks


  • Name: Adonis
  • Meaning: the most handsome


  • Name: Adrastos
  • Meaning: Not inclined to run


  • Name: Aeolus
  • Meaning: God of the winds; Changable


  • Name: Aeson
  • Meaning: Father of Jason


  • Name: Agamemnon
  • Meaning: Steadfast; Unbowed


  • Name: Apollo
  • Meaning: To destroy; god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, and wisdom. Later,he also became the god of the sun and light.


  • Name: Ajax
  • Meaning: Eagle; Led the Greeks after Achilles died


  • Name: Ares
  • Meaning: Bane; Male; God of War


  • Name: Atlas
  • Meaning: To Carry; Titan who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders


  • Name: Castor
  • Pious One; son of Zeus, One of Twins


  • Name: Damon
  • To Tame, Subdue


  • Name: Dionysius
  • Meaning: God of Wine


  • Name: Hector
  • Meaning: To check; Restrain; Trojan Warrior


  • Name: Helios:
  • Meaning: Sun


  • Name: Hermes
  • The Messenger God


  • Name: Leander
  • Meaning: Lion Man


  • Name: Odysseus
  • Meaning: Wrathful


  • Name: Paris
  • Meaning: Son of Priam


  • Name: Perseus
  • Meaning: To destroy


  • Name: Poseidon
  • Meaning: God of the seas


  • Name: Theseus
  • Meaning: To set; To place


  • Name: Zeus
  • Meaning: Greek God; To shine


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