80+ Best Irish Boy Names With Meanings For Your Little Lad

Looking for strong Irish boy names? Try your luck at the names of these unique Irish, Celtic and Gaelic boys who come from Emerald Island.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most exciting things for parents. If one or both parents have Irish roots (or just like the sound of Irish names), consider an Emerald Island-inspired name for your newborn son.

Ireland is a beautiful country with lush landscapes and a rich history. Over the years, Irish history and people have influenced many baby names that are used around the world.

The Irish boy’s name goes far beyond “Patrick.” Names like Liam, Connor, Declan and Sean have made it to the list of the most popular children’s names in the United States.

Some of the unique spellings in Ireland (because of the Celtic and Gaelic languages), if you want the name of an unusual Irish boy, consider names like Fion, Emon and Avon. Famous Irish nicknames also made great first names like Finning, Shi and Donnelly.

For Irish inspiration, try your luck at the list of manicures below.

Best Irish Boy Names With Meanings For Your Little Lad

  • Name: Aaron/Aron
  • Meaning: High mountain


  • Name:Aidan/Aaden
  • Meaning: Little and Fiery


  • Name:Bard
  • Meaning: Minstrel, Poet


  • Name:Benen
  • Meaning: Mild, name of Irish saint


  • Name:Berkeley
  • Meaning: The Birch Tree Meadow


  • Name:Blaine
  • Meaning: Slender, Angular


  • Name:Brady
  • Meaning: Broad Meadow or Large-Chested


  • Name:Brendan
  • Meaning: Prince; King


  • Name:Brennan
  • Meaning: Raven; Brave; Sorrow


  • Name:Brody
  • Meaning: From the muddy place


  • Name:Burke
  • Meaning: Burg or fortification


  • Name:Calhoun
  • Meaning: From the Narrow Forest


  • Name:Callahan
  • Meaning: Bright-Headed


  • Name:Cashel
  • Meaning: Stone fort, castle


  • Name:Cillian
  • Meaning: Little Church


  • Name:Clancy
  • Meaning: red warrior


  • Name:Colm
  • Meaning: Dove


  • Name:Conor/Connor
  • Meaning: wise; strong willed; hound-lover


  • Name:Cory
  • Meaning: From the Hollow


  • Name:Cullen
  • Meaning: Holly Tree


  • Name:Darcy
  • Meaning: From Arcy


  • Name:Declan
  • Meaning: Full of Goodness; man of prayer


  • Name:Derry
  • Meaning: The People’s Ruler


  • Name:Devin/Devon
  • Meaning: Poet


  • Name:Dillon
  • Meaning: Loyal



  • Name: Donal
  • Meaning: World Mighty


  • Name: Donnelly
  • Meaning: Irish surname


  • Name: Eamon
  • Meaning: Wealthy Protector


  • Name: Eoin
  • Meaning: God is Gracious


  • Name: Faolan
  • Meaning: Little Wolf


  • Name: Fergus
  • Meaning: Man of Force


  • Name: Ferris
  • Meaning: Rock


  • Name: Finbar
  • Meaning: Fair-Haired


  • Name: Finn/Fionn
  • Meaning: Fair or White


  • Name: Finnegan
  • Meaning: little fair one


  • Name: Fintan
  • Meaning: White Fire or White Bull


  • Name: Fionn
  • Meaning: Fair or White


  • Name: Flynn
  • Meaning: Son of the Red-Haired One


  • Name: Gallagher
  • Meaning: Descendant of Foreign Helper


  • Name: Garret/Garrett
  • Meaning: Spear Strength


  • Name: Grady
  • Meaning: Noble, Illustrious


  • Name: Hugh
  • Meaning: Mind, Intellect


  • Name: Ivo
  • Meaning: Yew Wood, Archer


  • Name: Keegan
  • Meaning: Son of Egan


  • Name: Keenan
  • Meaning: Ancient


  • Name: Keir
  • Meaning: Dark, Black


  • Name: Kellen
  • Meaning: Little Rock


  • Name: Larkin
  • Meaning: Rough, Fierce


  • Name: Lennon
  • Meaning: Small Cloak or Cape


  • Name: Liam
  • Meaning: Resolute Protection



  • Name: Mack
  • Meaning: Son of


  • Name: Mccoy
  • Meaning: Fire


  • Name: Murphy
  • Meaning: Sea Warrior


  • Name: Nevin
  • Meaning: Holy


  • Name: Niall
  • Meaning: Champion


  • Name: Nolan
  • Meaning: Champion


  • Name: Oscar
  • Meaning: God Spear, or Deer-Lover or Champion Warrior


  • Name: Patrick
  • Meaning: Noble, Patrician


  • Name: Piran
  • Meaning: Prayer


  • Name: Quinn
  • Meaning: Chief Leader, Intelligence


  • Name: Rafferty
  • Meaning: Abundance; prosperity


  • Name: Redmond
  • Meaning: Wise Protector


  • Name: Rian
  • Meaning: Little King


  • Name: Roan
  • Meaning: Little Redhead


  • Name: Rogan
  • Meaning: Redhead


  • Name: Ronan
  • Meaning: Little Seal


  • Name: Rooney
  • Meaning: Champion; leader


  • Name: Rowan
  • Meaning: Little Redhead


  • Name: Sean
  • Meaning: God’s Gracious Gift


  • Name: Seanan
  • Meaning: Wise, Old


  • Name: Shane
  • Meaning: God is Gracious


  • Name: Shea
  • Meaning: Irish surname


  • Name: Sullivan
  • Meaning: Black-Eyed One


  • Name: Torin
  • Meaning: Chief


  • Name: Tully
  • Meaning: Flood, Peaceful, or Hill


  • Name: Tynan
  • Meaning: Dark, Dusty


  • Name: Ultan
  • Meaning: Man From Ulster


  • Name: Veren
  • Meaning: Great Hero

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