85+ Best Greek Girl Names With Meanings For Your Little Goddess

Trying to find great Greek names for girls? Inspired by Greek mythology or modern Greek culture, with the names of these beautiful Greek girls.

Greece is a beautiful ancient country with a rich history and wonderful culture. All over the world, you can see Greek influence in art, architecture, language, food and children’s names!

If you are expecting your newborn baby to arrive, you are probably looking for good baby names. Maybe you have Greek roots or you like Greek names. Either way, you might want to consider a Greek name for your new daughter.

There are a variety of Greek girl’s names. You might consider modern Greek names such as Helen, Catherine or Alexis.

If you want a more traditional tour of Greece, there are names like Aurelia, Daphne and Melania. You may also be inspired by Greek mythology for your baby’s name. There are famous Greek goddesses and legendary figures named Athena, Thalia and Olympia.

For more name ideas, check out the list of beautiful Greek girls’ names below.

Best Greek Girl Names With Meanings For Your Little Goddess

  • Name: Adara
  • Meaning: Beautiful


  • Name: Agatha
  • Meaning: Good Woman


  • Name: Agnes
  • Meaning: Pure, Virginal


  • Name: Alexis
  • Meaning: Defending Men


  • Name: Amara
  • Meaning: Grace or Bitter


  • Name: Anastasia
  • Meaning: Resurrection


  • Name: Anfisa
  • Meaning: Flower


  • Name: Angeliki
  • Meaning: Messenger


  • Name: Antonia
  • Meaning: Flower


  • Name: Aurelia
  • Meaning: Golden


  • Name: Basilia
  • Meaning: Royal


  • Name: Bernice
  • Meaning: She Who Brings Victory


  • Name: Beta
  • Meaning: Oath of God


  • Name: Callista
  • Meaning: Most Beautiful


  • Name: Carissa
  • Meaning: Grace


  • Name: Catherine/Katherine
  • Meaning: Pure


  • Name: Chloe
  • Meaning: Blooming Fertility


  • Name: Cressida
  • Meaning: Gold


  • Name: Delphine
  • Meaning: Dolphin; from the Greek city of Delphi


  • Name: Despina
  • Meaning: Lady


  • Name: Dido
  • Meaning: Virgin


  • Name: Doris
  • Meaning: Gift of the Ocean


  • Name: Dorothy
  • Meaning: Gift of God


  • Name: Elena
  • Meaning: Bright, Shining Light


  • Name: Elexis
  • Meaning:Defender


  • Name: Evangeline
  • Meaning: Bearer of Good News


  • Name: Fantasia
  • Meaning :Imagination


  • Name: Galen
  • Meaning: Healer, Calm


  • Name: Harmony
  • Meaning: Melody


  • Name: Hermia
  • Meaning: Messenger


  • Name: Hermione
  • Meaning: Messenger, Earthly


  • Name: Hilary
  • Meaning: Cheerful, Happy

  • Name: Ioanna
  • Meaning: God is Gracious


  • Name: Fotoula
  • Meaning: Light of God


  • Name: Junia
  • Meaning: Born in June


  • Name: Karisa
  • Meaning: Beloved; grace; dear


  • Name: Kasiani
  • Meaning: Cinnamon


  • Name: Lenore
  • Meaning: Unknown


  • Name: Lex
  • Meaning: Man’s Defender


  • Name: Lois
  • Meaning: Most Desirable


  • Name: Lydia
  • Meaning: beautiful one


  • Name: Lysandra
  • Meaning: Liberator


  • Name: Malva
  • Meaning: Slender, Delicate


  • Name: Maria
  • Meaning: Bitter; Beloved


  • Name: Melania
  • Meaning: Black, Dark


  • Name: Melia
  • Meaning: Work


  • Name: Melina
  • Meaning: Honey


  • Name: Naida
  • Meaning: Water nymph


  • Name: Neri
  • Meaning: Burning Light or Ocean Spirit


  • Name: Nicola
  • Meaning: People of Victory


  • Name: Niki
  • Meaning: People of Victory


  • Name: Penthia
  • Meaning: Flower


  • Name: Peta
  • Meaning: Golden Eagle, or Rock, Stone


  • Name: Photine
  • Meaning: Light


  • Name: Sirena
  • Meaning: Entangler


  • Name: Tana
  • Meaning: Fire or Star Goddess


  • Name: Xena
  • Meaning: Guest


  • Name: Yolanda
  • Meaning: Violet Flower


  • Name: Acantha
  • Meaning: Thorn; Pickle


  • Name: Adrasteia
  • Meaning: Inescapable; nymph who cared for infant Zeus


  • Name: Alcippe
  • Meaning: Strength; daughter of Ares


  • Name: Aphrodite
  • Meaning: Goddess of love and beauty


  • Name: Artemis
  • Meaning: Greek goddess of the moon and hunting


  • Name: Astraea
  • Meaning: Star; Greek goddess of justice and innocence


  • Name: Athena
  • Meaning: Greek goddess is wisdom and and warfare


  • Name: Bia
  • Meaning: Greek Goddess of force and energy


  • Name: Calliope
  • Meaning: Beautiful voiced; muse of epic poetry; one of the Muses (the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences)


  • Name: Calypso
  • Meaning: water nymph who detained Odysseus


  • Name: Cassandra
  • Meaning: One who shines and excels over men; Trojan prophetess, daughter of King Priam


  • Name: Clio
  • Meaning: Celebrate; muse of history; one of the Muses (the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences)


  • Name: Cora
  • Meaning: Maiden


  • Name: Danae
  • Meaning: Mother of Perseus


  • Name: Daphne
  • Meaning: Laurel Tree, Bay Tree; In Greek mythology, in order to escape Apollo’s pursuit, her father turned her from a nymph into a laurel tree.


  • Name: Dimitris
  • Meaning: Goddess of fertility and harvest


  • Name: Elara
  • Meaning: Lover of Zeus


  • Name: Eleni
  • Meaning: Form of Helen


  • Name: Gaia
  • Meaning: Earth; mate of Uranus; mother of the Titans


  • Name: Helen
  • Meaning: bright one, shining; torch; from Heleen of Troy whose elopement with Paris sparked the Trojan War


  • Name: Hera
  • Meaning: Queen; Queen of Heaven; wife of Zeus


  • Name: Iris
  • Meaning: Rainbow; Greek goddess of the rainbow; messenger to the Greek Gods


  • Name: Maia
  • Meaning: Greek Goddess of fields


  • Name: Olympia
  • Meaning: From Mount Olympus (the home of the Greek Gods)


  • Name: Penelope
  • Meaning: Weaver; Wife of Odysseus


  • Name: Phoebe
  • Meaning: Bright; Pure; Titan associated with the moon


  • Name: Rhea
  • Meaning: A Flowing Stream; Mother of Zeus and other Greek Gods


  • Name: Selene/Selena
  • Meaning: Moon deity; daughter of Titans Hyperion and Theia


  • Name: Sophia
  • Meaning: Clever; Wisdom


  • Name: Thalia
  • Meaning: To Blossom; Muse of Comedy; one of the Muses (the nine sister goddesses who in Greek mythology presided over poetry, song, and the arts and sciences)


  • Name: Zoe
  • Meaning: Life

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