Can You Pass a Saliva Drug Test with Listerine?

Are you concerned about failing a coming drug test? It’s not just you. A lot of Americans are using medications without a prescription. Self-medicating is a common practice across the world.

However, you shouldn’t allow this to derail your chance of landing a dream job or launching a career. There are many methods to beat the drug test by defeating the system.

Can you achieve this target? Do you think you can be able to pass the test for saliva drug making use of Listerine-based strips? Read this article to discover the truth.

How to Get An Saliva Drug Test With Listerine Strips

Can You Pass a Saliva Drug Test with Listerine?

If you’re concerned about a drug test, then you’ve probably heard about beating the test for saliva by fooling it with Listerine strips. Many claim that it’s possible to defeat the test for drugs in saliva using this method.

But, this could make you very shaky because you can’t be sure it will work. It’s best to avoid taking drugs initially. In spite of that, some weren’t prepared. They must think quickly and come up with an answer.

In the beginning, you should refrain from using marijuana or other substances for a period of 48 hours or more. The day before the test, be sure to brush your gums, teeth and tongues.

Additionally, you’ll need keep your mouth moist through drinking and eating. Cleanse your teeth frequently and get ready for the use of Listerine strips. Prior to taking an examination, massage around your insides using Listerine strips.

Two can do the trick. It’s recommended to rinse your mouth by using Listerine mouthwash every 30 minutes or so prior to taking the test.

The approach may be a good fit for you.

What is a Saliva Drug Test Work?

Tests for drug use in saliva are straightforward for all those affected. If you’re requested to undergo a saliva testing for drugs, the procedure could be completed in just a couple of minutes. In most cases, you’ll be taken away and asked to undergo a test right away.

The tests for saliva are speedy as they require only about a couple of minutes. It is possible to test the test in a matter of seconds while the result will show fast.

Another problem is it is possible to test saliva for marijuana as well as other substances for a period time of up to 72 hours. So, it’s difficult to pass an oral test unless you’re aware of the test prior to.

If you’ve accepted the test, you’ll need to wipe the cheek’s insides with an swab sample. It will look like a large Q-tip.

The sample will be placed by a container made of plastic. You can then expect to wait for 24 hours or more to receive the results. After the results have been returned then you’ll get a notification.

What Drugs Are Detectable Using The Saliva Drug Test?

img alt=”What Drugs Can Be Detected Through A Saliva Drug Test?” data-ll-status=”loaded” src=”” title=”What Drugs Can Be Detected Using A Saliva Drug Test? “/>

Saliva tests can be used in a variety of ways enough to reveal a wide range of substances. Saliva tests are a great way to identify certain substances like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine methamphetamine, alcohol, and many more.

Some tests for saliva are made to detect specific substances. For example employers may employ an alcohol-based drug test, which only checks for marijuana.

A majority of employers use an oral drug test that can detect amphetamine, PCP, cocaine, marijuana methamphetamine, and PCP.

Certain tests can detect other substances, too. Most likely, you’ll fail a test for saliva when you’ve been using drugs within the last few hours.

What is the length of time THC Display in Saliva?

A lot of people across America United States use marijuana for various reasons. If someone is using cannabis, THC can be found in the system. Most drug tests are made to test for THC in the system of an individual.

Typically urine drug tests as well as blood tests can detect THC for longer durations. What are the results of saliva tests for drugs? What is the time frame for the THC be present within your saliva?

It’s all about how long the substance is detectable inside your mouth. It is contingent on the amount of marijuana you’ve consumed and the frequency you smoke.

If you’ve taken just one puff of marijuana, it will disappear from your saliva within 12 hours or less. Certain studies have proven that THC will cease to be detected after 12 hours after the last time a user took a hit.

Certain tests are able to detect THC in saliva samples of the user for up to 48 hours. However, the duration of your experience to be contingent on many factors, including the amount of marijuana you consumed and how often you used to smoke, your health and the age of your.

The only way to be sure that your saliva doesn’t contain THC is to not use marijuana. You could try to pass the saliva drug test with Listerine but there’s no guarantee this method will work for you.

Do you think Listerine Help with a Saliva Drug Test?

Can You Pass a Saliva Drug Test with Listerine?

There are people who claim to have beaten saliva drug tests with Listerine. What is the reason Listerine assist? In the end, there’s no specific reason.

There haven’t been enough research-based tests to show why Listerine could help cheaters pass the test for a drug called saliva. There are a few theories being discussed.

Some believe that Listerine will help remove THC molecules and also remove bacteria from the mouth of the user. Others believe the solution to eliminate THC until it’s not discernible in saliva.

There’s also the possibility that the ingredients in Listerine will affect the test’s capability for analyzing THC. In any case, some affirm that tests using saliva are effective for this purpose.

If you’re considering this method, it’s vital to be precise. Also, you must fully know the implications because it might not work for you.

What’s the deal with Water?

While some people have utilized Listerine for cheating saliva tests, other believe that water is equally efficient. Actually, some studies suggest that water may be more effective for this task.

In 2014 an investigation was carried out to find out the efficacy of mouthwashes and water are in the removal of THC-related levels. The study involved 11 cannabis regulars who were analyzed for 4 days.

For the first three days, the participants were smoking marijuana the same way in the same way they would normally. The saliva samples were tested at various points, like 15 minutes, one hour, 3 hours and for 24 hours after having been done smoking.

The participants utilized whole milk, mouthwash, and water in an attempt to lower the THC levels in their saliva.

It was surprising to discover that water had more efficacy than mouthwash and whole milk. It could therefore be beneficial to make use of a mixture of mouthwash and water to defeat the upcoming saliva drug test.

What is required to Pass A Saliva Test Using Listerine?

If you’re certain that you’d like to get through the saliva test using Listerine then you’ll require certain things. In particular, you’ll require lots of time and water. Listerine breath strips and mouthwash.

Once you’ve acquired these substances then you can start working to get rid of the THC trace amounts out of your saliva. For best outcomes, you must allow yourself at least at least 48 days.

You should ensure that you have enough time to remove the THC in your saliva. In the event that you fail, there’s a high chance that you’ll fail the test.

A few days prior to the test, it is important to be sure to eat and drinking plenty of water. Foods that have significant amounts of water can help you keep your mouth moist. It can extremely beneficial.

You should also brush the gums and teeth and tongue several times per throughout the day. Cleanse 3 to 4 times daily and increase the time you brush your teeth. It is also recommended to make use of Listerine during the days prior to the test.

The day before the test, you will need to work harder at these things. The 20 minutes of brushing will assist. You’ll also want to start using the mouthwash Listerine more frequently.

Prior to the test, you must take a couple of Listerine strips to eliminate any remaining trace amounts of THC in your saliva.

Utilize them prior to getting to the location and for at least 30 minutes before the test begins. With luck, this strategy will allow you to get through the test for saliva drugs.

Other Methods to Pass The Saliva Drug Test

Are there any other options to pass the upcoming testing for saliva drugs? In the end, you can’t risk anything. While there are other ways to do it but they are not reliable.

It is important to remember this: the Listerine method can be effective if you have ample time. If not then there’s a good possibility that it won’t benefit you.

Thus, you are not at risk of being fired from your position or possibility of a job due to taking substances. The only sure method to pass a test for the presence of saliva is to avoid using any substance. In the simplest case you must stop taking drugs for a couple of days prior to taking the test.


Many employers utilize saliva drug tests due to the fact that they’re cheap and efficient. However, they’re not 100% accurate. IT is possible to cheat on the test with breath strips and mouthwash from Listerine.

However, there’s always the possibility that this strategy won’t work. If you’re determined that you’d like the job, you must stop taking substances prior to the test to ensure you be able to pass the test without issue.

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