Best 75 Cute Japanese Boy Names with Meanings

Are you looking for cute Japanese boy names for your little boy? Check out these cute and unique Japanese names for boys who still sound modern.

Best 75 Cute Japanese Boy Names with Meanings

Deciding on the name of your newborn son is not an easy decision. The big-name is reflected not only in children but also in parents.

For some naming moves, take a look at Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese names are becoming more and more popular. One thing to keep in mind is that Japanese names can have many meanings due to the different character structures (kanji) in the Japanese language.

Japanese boy names like Rio, Hero and Raden are sweet, modern, and simple words. Japanese athletes have also increased the popularity of cool names like Oshiro and Hideaki.

Check out the list below for more choices of Japanese names for boys. Below are the names of the famous Japanese boy.

Japanese Baby & Boy Names with Meanings


  • Name: Akio
  • Meaning: Bright Man, Manly, Hero
  • Name: Aito
  • Meaning: Sea, Ocean
  • Name: Akito
  • Meaning: Bright
  • Name: Benjiro
  • Meaning: Enjoys Peace
  • Name: Chiko
  • Meaning: A Pledge
  • Name: Chibi
  • Meaning: Short Person or Small Child
  • Name: Daichi
  • Meaning: From the Earth: Large
  • Name: Dai
  • Meaning: A Shining Individual
  • Name: Daisuke
  • Meaning: Great; Large
  • Name: Daiki
  • Meaning: Bright; Shining
  • Name: Enmei
  • Meaning: Bright Circle or Life Sustaining
  • Name: Eita
  • Meaning: Crystal
  • Name: Fumihiro
  • Meaning: Refers Extensive Condemnation
  • Name: Goku
  • Meaning: Aware of Emptiness
  • Name: Haru
  • Meaning: Spring
  • Name: Hakaku
  • Meaning: White Crane
  • Name: Haruma
  • Meaning: Groundbreaking
  • Name: Haruki
  • Meaning: Shine Bright
  • Name: Hayato
  • Meaning: Falcon
  • Name: Haruto
  • Meaning: Sun; Soar
  • Name: Hideaki
  • Meaning: Bright: Great
  • Name: Hiroshi
  • Meaning: Generous
  • Name: Hiro
  • Meaning: Generous, Broad
  • Name: Hiroto
  • Meaning: Fly Far, Big Flight
  • Name: Itsuki
  • Meaning: Timber Tree
  • Name: Ichiro
  • Meaning: First Son
  • Name: Izumi
  • Meaning: Spring
  • Name: Jiro
  • Meaning: Second Son
  • Name: Kazue
  • Meaning: Blessing
  • Name: Kaito
  • Meaning: Soar Over The Sea
  • Name: Kazuya
  • Meaning: Peace; Calm
  • Name: Kazuki
  • Meaning: Peaceful Tree
  • Name: Kenji
  • Meaning: Study
  • Name: Kenichi
  • Meaning: Strong Firstborn
  • Name: Kenzo
  • Meaning: Wise One
  • Name: Kento
  • Meaning: Cure for Sadness; Happiness
  • Name: Kohei
  • Meaning: Flat; Wide
  • Name: Kosuke
  • Meaning: Rising Sun
  • Name: Kohi
  • Meaning: Little One
  • Name: Kota
  • Meaning: Good Luck; Happiness
  • Name: Kyo
  • Meaning: Village
  • Name: Kouki
  • Meaning: Light: Happiness; Sun
  • Name: Minato
  • Meaning: Harbour or Port
  • Name: Matsu
  • Meaning: Pine
  • Name: Natsu
  • Meaning: Born in Summer
  • Name: Namiko
  • Meaning: A Child of the Waves or a Surfing Child
  • Name: Orochi
  • Meaning: Big Snake
  • Name: Ren
  • Meaning: Lotus
  • Name: Raden
  • Meaning: God of Thunder
  • Name: Ryoma
  • Meaning: Dragon; Horse
  • Name: Rio
  • Meaning: One Who is Like the River
  • Name: Ryu
  • Meaning: Dragon
  • Name: Shohei
  • Meaning: Respect
  • Name: Satoshi
  • Meaning: Intelligent: Sharp
  • Name: Shota
  • Meaning: Prosper; Large
  • Name: Shun
  • Meaning: Speed
  • Name: Shiro
  • Meaning: The Four Sons
  • Name: Souta
  • Meaning: A Sudden Sound of the Wind
  • Name: Sota
  • Meaning: Thick; Big
  • Name: Sora
  • Meaning: Sky
  • Name: Tadashi
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Name: Tadaaki
  • Meaning: Faithful Light
  • Name: Taiki
  • Meaning: Large Great
  • Name: Takeo
  • Meaning: Brave; Warrior
  • Name: Taishi
  • Meaning: Ambition
  • Name: Takeru
  • Meaning: Warrior; Fierce
  • Name: Takibi
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Name: Takeshi
  • Meaning: Warrior
  • Name: Takuya
  • Meaning: Support
  • Name: Tatsuya
  • Meaning: Dragon; Good Health
  • Name: Tatsuo
  • Meaning: Male Dragon
  • Name: Tomo
  • Meaning: Intelligent; Wise
  • Name: Yamato
  • Meaning: Great Harmony
  • Name: Toshiro
  • Meaning: Talented; Intelligent
  • Name: Yuuma
  • Meaning: Gentle, Truthful, Honest
  • Name: Youta
  • Meaning: Great Sunlight

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Best 75 Cute Japanese Boy Names with Meanings

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