Does Big Lots Drug Test in 2022?

Big Lotus is one of the most popular retail chains in the United States. They started in 1967 and by 2022 they have more than 1400 locations.

As a competitive business with an appetite for success, Big Lots is always striving to expand. Not surprisingly, they are always on the job. If you want to apply for the Big Lots yourself, chances are you will find yourself with a job.

However, you may be concerned if they undergo drug tests during the recruitment / hiring process. In this section, we will learn what are the big lots drug tests?

Does Big Lots Drug Test in 2022?

Does Big Lots Drug Test

The answer to the question depends on the situation. First of all, we need to understand why companies like Big Lots do drug tests at all. The main reason for this is to identify employees who may be addicted to drugs during working hours.

Drug use during work hours can lead to a variety of accidents, including misuse of equipment, fires, electrical accidents, and more.

Now that we’re clear on why big stores like China can get drug tests, we can tackle our basic question. The answer depends on who we are talking about.

Large lots do not undergo drug tests during the recruitment process. This is because drug tests are not part of their standard recruitment process.

On the other hand, in some cases, if the HR department suspects this, they can check the background of Big Lots drugs etc. But rest assured, Big Lots do not conduct drug tests during the recruitment process.

They also do not test randomized drugs for employees who are already working in the store. Remember that this is not during the recruitment process but after the recruitment process when you are working as an employee in Big Lots.

They do not do random drug tests. However, it can also serve as a measure to ensure safe working and shopping conditions for its employees and customers.

If Big Lots suspects that a particular employee is intoxicated or under the influence of another drug, they will definitely get a drug test.

In this case, the drug test is not random, but specific to the suspect. In such cases, the drug test to be performed will be a standard drug test.

Do you have to produce a drug test at Big Lots during hiring?

Many chain stores and corporations ask their potential employees to prepare drug tests during the recruitment process.

This means that the test will be taken at your end and the report will be submitted along with all other documents. The drug test that is requested is usually a standard drug test.

Big Lots does not require any such submissions during the recruitment process. The standard set of documents that one has to submit does not include a drug test. Note, however, that Big Lots do background checks when they are recruiting.

If they find out that you have been involved in drug-related problems in the past, or that you have been under the influence of drugs, or that you have had an accident at your previous job, you can be sure that Big Lots a Drug testing. If you are hired, you can expect randomized drug tests in the coming months.

To sum up, Big Lots does not require you to submit a drug test during the recruitment process. But if they find suspicious activity in your behavior during your background check, they may ask you to give one.

Do Big Lots Conduct Random Drug Tests in-store?

Big Lots

Many applicants also seem to be concerned about random drug tests. Do you get random drug tests in big lot stores? The answer is no, Big Lots doesn’t do such tests from time to time.

Ensuring the safety of consumers and employees is part of their standard policy. To this extent, management staff often try to note employee behavior. Random drug tests will only be ordered if staff find an employee’s behavior suspicious.

Many retail stores and corporations conduct such random drug tests in the workplace to ensure that all employees are in working conditions and fully alert to help run the business. ۔ Large lots, however, do not engage in such random activities.

To conclude, Big Lots does not conduct random drug tests. However, if they find a particular person suspicious of their behavior or think they are under the influence of drugs or some other type of drug, they will use the drug on that particular person.

When can you expect a drug test at Big Lots?

The next most frequently asked question is when you can expect a drug test while working at Big Lots as an employee. We have already proven that Big Lots do not undergo drug tests during the recruitment process.

For Big Lots you don’t even have to take a drug test report during the recruitment process. Therefore, we can say with certainty that you will not need to undergo or submit a drug test at any time during the recruitment process.

Coming back to the real question, although Big Lots does not have a drug testing principle, they still have a 100% drug-free work policy.

This means that no employee can be exposed to drugs or any other substance while working in Big Lots. We can see where it is going.

Although drug tests are not mandatory during the recruitment process, Big Lots can isolate you and ask you to have a drug test if you find the behavior suspicious.

Management staff must adhere to the policy, so they cannot allow employees to work under the influence of drugs. So this is one of the situations where Big Lots can ask you for a drug test.

Another condition is that when Big Lots do background checks during the recruitment process and they face some problems.

In this case, difficult issues may arise, but in the past, drug-related activities were not limited to those that led to drug-related accidents in previous work or employment, drug-related police charges, and so on.

If recruiters find something like this, they are free to order applicants to undergo a drug test. The test is a standard medicine test, urine samples are collected. If your services are hired, they may perform similar tests in the future.


When it comes to working in a retail store, working for a popular store like Big Lots is always an attractive option. However, applicants are often concerned about drug tests and store drug policies.

As we mentioned above, when it comes to drug testing, Big Lots has a very independent operating policy. Of course they have a policy of working 100% drug free so you can’t expect to be under the influence of drugs.

With that said, if you were thinking about drug tests during the recruitment process, they don’t conduct them at all.

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