Does Planet Fitness Drug Test?

With more and more fitness centers opening their doors across America, many people have found themselves wondering, does Planet Fitness drug test.

Not only is this a good question for future employees to consider, it’s a great question for potential future mentors to consider. You certainly don’t want a disabled person trying to find you with 200 plus pounds on top of your head.

Whether you’re considering a future job with Fitness Giant or a future membership, it’s important to understand its rules, regulations and employee guidelines. Are the machines cleaned well? Do they offer the latest lifting techniques?

There is no point in spending your hard earned money with a company that is not offering you the best. Either way, here’s what you need to know about Planet Fitness and its employee policies.

A Brief Background On Planet Fitness

Before you start learning all about Planet Fitness and its employee policies, it’s important to take a minute and learn more about the company.

Virtually a newbie in the fitness industry, the company only started popping up on the radar in 1992. It was then that they opened the doors to their first fitness center. The brand began its long journey in the state of New Hampshire.

It wasn’t long before his brilliant commitment to technique and fitness began to shine through. His well-thought-out business plan also shined with a following of new centers around the world.

It wasn’t long ago that Planet Fitness had a total of 1,600 fitness centers spread across the United States. He took the nation by storm with his fascinating fitness routines and dedication to the industry.

Things have changed a bit over the years, but the centers now offer access to two different Prime memberships. The first costs $10 a month and provides access to gym equipment and facility amenities.

The other will run you a bit more at $22 a month, but it offers more exclusive access to trainers and fitness experts.

With a fitness trainer, you can take your health into your own hands and create a specific exercise routine that fits perfectly into your life.

Why Apply For A Position At Planet Fitness?

If you’re dedicated to your health and fitness routine, it’s probably more obvious why you should apply for a position with Planet Fitness.

When it comes to the fitness industry, whether it’s access to the latest products or exclusive access to new machines, they are at the forefront. Planet Fitness is one of the first clubs to adopt all the new exclusive fitness technology.

Not only this, but they provide top-notch benefits and support to their employees. With a job at any Planet Fitness club, you’ll be given more than free memberships, paid vacations, paid sick leave, and a flexible work schedule.

Are there certain days of the week that you need time off? Are you unable to work after a certain hour?

No problem! Planet Fitness is known for working around its employees. As an employee, you will not only be given access to all of these but also have ample opportunities for advancement.

You can start at the very bottom of the food chain and work your way up to the top. It just requires a little hard work, commitment and dedication.

Positions Available For Employees

Just because you like to lift weights or stay in shape, doesn’t mean Planet Fitness is the employer for you. They may not even offer the kind of work environment or career development you’re looking for.

One should never sell oneself short, and the best way to avoid doing so is to look at what the company can offer you. Take a look at the positions available in this fitness family.

Member Services Representative – A member services representative is about as basic as it gets.

However, this does not mean that it is not an important position that plays an important role in the long run of fitness activity. As a member services representative, you will likely be the first and last person a customer sees.

You will be sitting behind the counter, answering questions, fielding concerns, and trading merchandise. For a position like this, you’ll likely need a high school diploma or GED.

Fitness Instructor – As you can imagine, a fitness instructor is the person in charge of a client’s fitness routines.

Not only will you support customers and guide them in lifting routines, but you will help customers develop personalized workouts and exercise regimens that fit perfectly into their lives.

This may vary from center to center, but a position like this usually requires not only industry experience, but a college degree.

This is a great position to start your long and travel oriented career as you will be given access to special benefits and privileges to bring additional members to the club.

Branch Manager – Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could be a manager? Unfortunately, this is not the case as most people are not suited for this position.

This position will not only require prior industry experience, but may require stricter hiring under certain circumstances.

As a branch manager, it will be your job to ensure the smooth and successful operation of your fitness facility.

This can include everything from scheduling and checking machine maintenance to supervising fitness instructors.

You’ll report directly to the big dogs in the industry, and they’ll expect you to meet certain expectations every month and year.

Accounting And Finance – With CPA experience and a finance background, you can also land a job with Planet Fitness in the finance and accounting department.

It will be your job to monitor and recommend the financial decisions of the company. You may even be high enough in the ranks to oversee the opening of new branches.

Marketing – Speaking of opening new branches, someone has to be in a position to get out there and promote and test the waters. Would it be wise to open a center in the US Midwest?

Where would be the most financially viable location to open new centers? How can we make advertising more effective while spending less money? As a member of the marketing department, these will be the answers to your questions.

Does Planet Fitness Drug Test + It’s Testing Policies

Most people will be relieved to know that Planet Fitness does not require pre-employment drug testing. This means that you do not need to take any kind of drug test before getting a position within the company.

However, this may be the case for all positions. When you hold senior management and security positions, you will likely be required to take a pre-employment test.

Although the Company does not require pre-employment testing for most positions, it reserves the right to test employees when deemed appropriate.

This means that before you are offered a position within the company, you have to sign a paper that allows you to be tested whenever the company wants.

In most cases, you will not be tested unless there is an event. If you’ve been injured at work or a client suggests you use, you’ll likely be given a test.

The Planet Fitness Hiring Process

As with most companies and positions, the hiring process starts with filling out an application. These days, it’s something that will likely be done on the Internet.

Depending on the facility’s requirements and the position you are applying for, this process can be long and difficult. If the company needs to fill a position immediately, you can obviously expect the process to be smoother and more straightforward.

Start by filling out an application and if you’re considered, you’ll likely be called for an interview. After the interview, you will likely know whether or not you are going to get the position. They may tell you that if they are interested, they will contact you within the week.

Unfortunately, if you get this answer, it probably means you won’t get the job.

If you are offered the position, you will know immediately after the interview. They will probably give you all the required paperwork and start checking your references the same day.

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