Does Sonic Drug Test New Employees in 2022?

Sonic offers delicious burgers and hotdogs. They also have some of the best milkshakes available. If you enjoy eating at Sonic then you must look into a career at this reputable restaurant chain.

Sonic Corp. or Sonic Drive-In is a major American fast-food chain that has more than 3,500 outlets all over the United States. Sonic Corp. offers an unique dining experience with the carhops wearing skates.

Are job applicants required to take a test for drugs in order to be considered for an employment offer for their nearby Sonic stores? This question will be discussed more in depth below.

Does Sonic Drug Test New Employees in 2022?

Does Sonic Drug Test New Employees in 2022?

Many applicants are concerned about being tested for drugs by Sonic. In the event that you do not pass, you may be denied the job. But you must keep in mind that some restaurants do not test for drugs on new employees.

In the end, these companies don’t conduct tests because they are required to fill the job regardless. The majority of fast-food establishments have high turnover , with employees quitting often.

Sonic is aware of this and frequently does not test for drugs on new employees. Though you’re unlikely to be tested for drugs by Sonic but your background will be inspected.

The company will decide whether it is appropriate to choose to hire you based on a background check and drug test. If you’ve had an history of convictions for crimes It will be more difficult to find a job at the company.

However, research has shown that the majority of Sonic stores do not test applicants. It’s recommended to stay free of substance because you might be tested for drugs once you are hired.

The Sonic Hiring Process

Sonic offers an unique hiring procedure that applicants must successfully complete. You won’t be able to secure an interview until you’ve successfully completed every stage of the process.

The first step is to know what jobs are in demand in your local area. One way to locate open positions at Sonic is to search using Google. It is also possible to visit Sonic’s careers site.

The website lets you look for jobs by the job’s title or address. It is possible to look for jobs by specific categories like support center positions, multi-unit leadership jobs, management of drive-ins as well as drive-in crew job openings.

After you’ve selected the category, you’ll see an inventory of jobs that fall into the particular category.

The site will inform you something about the job as well as its title and the location of the job. For more information about the job you can click on the title of the job.

You’ll then receive an in-depth description of the job’s requirements, duties and duties. You can send this job request to either yourself or a colleague. You can also sign up to receive job alerts, which will be delivered directly to you via email.

Then, you are able to submit an application for the position. Once you’ve submitted your application to work for Sonic then you’ll need to wait for Sonic to reach out to you for an interview.

If you impress the interviewer they’re likely to offer an interview. If the company has plans to conduct a drug test, it will occur right now. If not, you’ll be offered the job without having to pass a drug test. Though there’s a good chance that there won’t be an examination for drugs but you’ll be subject to background checks.

The Sonic Drug Tests for Pre-Employment

A majority of restaurants conduct drug tests on new employees. However, some companies do not. Strangely enough, Sonic typically does not test job applicants. It is not necessary to take a drug test in order to be hired at Sonic.

There is an opportunity that the situation is changing or that your local store may have a different policy regarding drug testing. So, it’s recommended to stay clear of taking drugs prior to applying for a job with the local Sonic.

Sonic Random Drug Tests


There is always a concern about the company taking random test for drugs. Some companies utilize random drug tests in order to maintain an environment that is drug-free. Others do not.

In general, Sonic does not conduct random drug tests. However, it can conduct drug tests on employees in certain situations.

Certain companies conduct drug tests on employees prior to giving them promotions. Sonic typically does not. The only instance in which Sonic will test for drugs with an individual is when they’re injured at work.

If you are involved in accidents while at the local Sonic chances are you’ll be to undergo a drug test. Your work-related injury was a result of your work therefore your employer is accountable for medical bills.

Remember that your employer is able to stop paying medical charges if they discover that you had been taking medication.

If the test results show that you were intoxicated when you are injured, Sonic won’t have to pay for medical expenses. Additionally, you could lose your job if this occurs.

Sonic Drug Tests

Sonic is able to take advantage of several drug tests. But, Sonic usually uses urine tests to determine if someone is who have been injured on the job. Sonic typically doesn’t employ saliva or hair tests.

If you’re taking the urine test for drugs, you’ll need to drink a cup of urine. Then, your urine sample will be taken to a laboratory where it will be tested for illegal substances.

Because the sample is likely to be tested in another location typically, it takes several days for the results to be received. The results from the drug test will be transmitted directly to Sonic prior to the time when Sonic informs you the results.

Invalidating The Sonic Drug Test To Prescription Drugs

Are you using prescription drugs? If you’re on an order, you’re in no way committing a crime. You’re using prescribed drugs that might be detected in the drug test.

But, be aware that your employer can’t make this claim against you. Make sure to notify them in advance. They should be aware of the medications you take.

Bring them your prescriptions so that they be aware of the medications you’re taking. It’s also a good idea to inquire with your manager whether they’d like the contact details of your doctor.

You can use this information to confirm that the medical prescriptions are valid.

Sonic Jobs

Sonic is always seeking people with talent for their staff. If you’re looking to work in fast food establishments, Sonic is an excellent opportunity to begin. The positions available include, but are not limited to , the following:

  • Shift manager for the drive-in shift
  • Crew member for the drive-in
  • Cook
  • Carhop
  • Crew member
  • Shift manager
  • Expo
  • Assistant general manager
  • Assistant manager for hourly
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Culinary Innovation in the intern
  • Multi-unit leader
  • Assistant manager
  • General manager/operating partner

Does Sonic hire people with felony convictions?

Sonic along with hundreds of other restaurants operating within the US borders may be looking to hire people with convictions for felony. Convicted sexual offenders and child abusers older abusers and murders are not eligible as candidates for employment.

If you have any questions regarding your criminal record don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the Sonic recruiter.

What are the requirements To Work For Sonic?

Sonic will only consider candidates who are 16 years old or more. The applicant must be an US citizen, or possess an approved work authorization in order to be employed at Sonic.

Candidates must prove their citizenship by submitting to Sonic an original copy of the birth certificate or social Security card, or driver’s license. The applicants can also apply for valid Green cards or work visas to apply for a job at Sonic.

Does it work? Sonic Felon Friendly?

Absolutely, Sonic will consider hiring applicants who have convictions for felony crimes. However, certain violent felonies like manslaughter, kidnapping, murder and other crime are not eligible for work.


Sonic is among the biggest fast-food chain restaurants within the United States. Sonic was said to have over 3550 locations in 2022.

Sonic is a division that is part of Inspire Brands, alongside Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby’s. Juniors in high school or college students, single parents or part-time employees, as well as other people over 16 can apply for a job with Sonic.

If you can meet the qualifications If you meet the criteria, you could be considered for a job immediately. Find out more about the official website of the company today.

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