Does Staffmark Hire Felons?

One in four Americans has a past police record. This is a large segment of the population that suffers from the unimaginable barriers set by companies to the hiring process.

If private employers continue to pursue their dragnet policy of blocking applicants with criminal histories, the US economy itself will suffer.

About Staffmark

Staffmark is a recruiting company with more than 300 offices in 31 states. Over the years, it received health care services, among other staff services, spread to various locations across the country.

Founded in 1970, StaffMark was the first CBS Personal Services, with offices in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. In 2011, Staffmark became a subsidiary of Recruit, a large Japanese HR company.

Staffmark received the Best in Staffing Award for both clients and talent. Prior to that, he was awarded Best of Staffing Client for six consecutive years.

Staffmark temporary employees are entitled to certain standard benefits (such as healthcare, insurance, retirement and 401k programs) that permanent employees enjoy. Other benefits like Verizon Wireless Discounts and software tutorials are also offered.

Most jobs at Staffmark are temporary, making it difficult to move within the company. Some employees say it provides good training and a good salary.

Does Staffmark Hire Felons

Although StaffMark has not issued a clear policy regarding the hiring process, there does not appear to be any controversy involving the company’s name in any of the discriminatory practices.

In contrast, there is ample evidence that applicants with a criminal history can be employed, possibly through staff marks, whether by appointment or by direct employment.

The staff mark follows the protocol for considering the nature of the crime and its status. Criminal history is not a problem unless the crime is closely related to the nature of the work.

Staff Mark recruits candidates for short-term and long-term assignments. Some former offenders, in fact, described their experiences of being assigned to provide temporary work services in certain companies through StaffMark.

Application Process At Staffmark

All kinds of jobs such as retail, manufacturing, transportation, warehouse, clerical, skilled labor and others are posted regularly through the company’s website. You may go directly to any Staffmark office near you or you may apply online:

  • Submit your resume online or personally at the office (May also apply by employee referral)
  • Review of application (May take one week)
  • Initial interview by phone or in-person
  • Invitation to come to the office or warehouse to tour around, answer some questionnaires, and do some urine test and mouth swab
  • Background check
  • Job offer (Contractual, probationary or regular)

Tips To Apply At Staffmark

As one of the best companies in the recruitment industry, Staffmark makes its candidates subject to thorough background checks. That’s why when filing questionnaires and other paperwork, you need to provide accurate information.

Never try to hide or deny the reality of a criminal conviction in the past. Whether it is corruption or a state-level crime, their record is likely to be exposed in a background check.

Although it is illegal for employers to exclude a candidate solely on the basis of criminal history, it is considered valid if the candidate lies about it in any form during his application.

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