Does Super8 Hire Felons?

Disqualifying job applicants based on their criminal record is at best ineffective. The perpetrators accepted their responsibility and fulfilled their sentence. They should also be given a chance to contribute to the economy.

Ex-offenders have a lot of motivation to recreate themselves, and successful companies thrive because they believe in it – the power of human motivation.

About Super-8

Super-8, a subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide, is an American economy hotel chain across the United States. This hotel brand is also found in Canada and China.

Originally owned by Ron Rivet and Dennis Brown, the first Super-8 motel opened in South Dakota with 60 rooms. Its stucco exterior design was inspired by Revit’s father-in-law, a stucco.

Since the beginning of 2006, the Super-8 is now owned by the Wyndham Hotel Group. The Super-8 has more than 2,000 motels worldwide and is the world’s most economical hotel chain.

Some of the benefits offered include flexible hours, employee discounts, job training, health insurance, performance bonuses, mourning leave, work place for pets, maternity and paternity leave and sick leave.

People who work for this company usually comment on the generosity of the management when it comes to reducing working hours and emergencies.

Do Felons Get Hired At Super-8?

The hospitality industry cannot be difficult for applicants with a criminal record. For example, the Super-8 has no current restrictions against former offenders.

Your ability to hire for employment may depend on your guilt or immorality. If you are a sex offender, you will definitely not be considered for a position in the Room Service.

The business of running a hotel is labor intensive. Some Super-8 motels have expanded to provide pools, conference halls and restaurants, so don’t expect room service to work.

In Super-8, a former offender can be hired for a position that does not require a conversation with the hotel’s clients or guests. Housekeeping and maintenance jobs are the best areas to start. Once employed, anyone can work their way up.

Application Process At Super-8

You can find current vacancies posted by Super-8 motel branches at online job boards. You may apply through the job board or you can apply with the Wyndham website in its career section.

The following information will guide you through the hiring procedure:

  • Online application
  • Contact information, educational background, employment history and character references
  • Open availability is a factor that may give you advantage over the others
  • Eligible applicants will receive a phone call within a two or three days
  • Applicants who were not called within a week may verify or ask about their status thru phone call or in person
  • Face-to-face interview by the hiring manager

Tips When Applying For Job At Super-8

Wearing business attire and speaking in a professional tone when coming for an interview is essential in the hospitality industry.

It is recommended that you follow up on the status of your application. If you follow up in person, you can request a meeting with the manager and reiterate your desire to apply for the job.

During the interview, tell the hiring manager about your employment history, your skills and the hard work you can do and will continue to do. Your academic achievements, if you have them, can be a plus.

If the topic is about your criminal history, do not disclose every detail unless specifically asked. Be honest, and try to leave the impression that you will try to be an ideal employee despite your past mistakes.

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