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Money riddles us all, every dollar and every day. So our team at Riddles and Answers has compiled some of the fine word puzzles about money that we can locate, and positioned them right here.

Included in this section are finance riddles for all ages. Beware, in case you are looking for riddles which are awesomely complex, you could need to browse other sections of the website online like the “difficult riddles” segment. Mainly due to the fact a majority of these riddles are for educators of school-aged kids, seeking to upload some mental stimulation in the classroom.

Solving the issues on this page is a simple manner. First, read each question cautiously, make certain to look at the clues given. Then give your best solution, and make sure to start the timer(if one is available) before fixing, for a chunk of greater added problem. Good success!

Riddles about money

money riddles

This series of riddles will no longer simplest assignment youngsters’ essential questioning, increase problem solving ability and hone their listening capabilities however some of the riddles require a few nifty sum paintings. If those get your mind cells begging for more say goodbye to summer and wave howdy to Halloween with even greater riddles.

There’s no better way to undertaking youngsters than throw them a mind teaser, who is aware of it could even maintain them occupied all day seeking to beat their dad and mom with their expertise. So, snatch a pen and paper, and inspire the kids to lose themselves in some desirable old fashioned riddle a laugh.

Cash in on this golden collection of money riddles and answers! Riddles about cash are a extraordinary manner to keep your mind sharp and to assist educate math and good judgment capabilities to youngsters. Each of these money riddles have been carefully crafted to present you a big choice and variety. Stretch your mind and your pockets with those money riddles for adults and kids. We desire you treasure this wealth of riddles!

Lending money to a bison

What do you call lending money to a bison?
A buff-a-loan.

Egyptian coin

An archeologist claims he found a Roman coin dated 46 B.C. in Egypt. How much should Louvre Museum pay for the coin?
Note: Roman coins can really be found in Egypt
Nothing. That coin is as phony as a three dollar bill. In 46 B.C., they wouldn’t have known how many years before Christ it was.


Whoever makes it, tells it not.
Whoever takes it, knows it not.
Whoever knows it, wants it not.
Counterfeit money.

2 Player and N Coin – Strategy Puzzle

There are n coins in a line. (Assume n is even). Two players take turns to take a coin from one of the ends of the line until there are no more coins left. The player with the larger amount of money wins. Would you rather go first or second? Does it matter? Assume that you go first, describe an algorithm to compute the maximum amount of money you can win. Note that the strategy to pick maximum of two corners may not work. In the following example, first player looses the game when he/she uses strategy to pick maximum of two corners.
Example 18 20 15 30 10 14
First Player picks 18, now row of coins is 20 15 30 10 14
Second player picks 20, now row of coins is 15 30 10 14
First Player picks 15, now row of coins is 30 10 14
Second player picks 30, now row of coins is 10 14
First Player picks 14, now row of coins is 10
Second player picks 10, game over.
The total value collected by second player is more (20 + 30 + 10) compared to first player (18 + 15 + 14).
So the second player wins
Going first will guarantee that you will not lose. By following the strategy below, you will always win the game (or get a possible tie). (1) Count the sum of all coins that are odd-numbered. (Call this X) (2) Count the sum of all coins that are even-numbered. (Call this Y) (3) If X > Y, take the left-most coin first. Choose all odd-numbered coins in subsequent moves. (4) If X < Y, take the right-most coin first. Choose all even-numbered coins in subsequent moves. (5) If X == Y, you will guarantee to get a tie if you stick with taking only even-numbered/odd-numbered coins. You might be wondering how you can always choose odd-numbered/even-numbered coins. Let me illustrate this using an example where you have 6 coins: Example 18 20 15 30 10 14 Sum of odd coins = 18 + 15 + 10 = 43 Sum of even coins = 20 + 30 + 14 = 64. Since the sum of even coins is more, the first player decides to collect all even coins. He first picks 14, now the other player can only pick a coin (10 or 18). Whichever is picked the other player, the first player again gets an opportunity to pick an even coin and block all even coins.

Six bills

How could you give someone $63 using six bills without using one dollar bills?
1 – $50 bill, 1 – $5 bill, 4 – $2 bills.

The missing dollar

Three people check into a hotel room. The bill is $30 so they each pay $10. After they go to the room, the hotel’s cashier realizes that the bill should have only been $25. So he gives $5 to the bellhop and tells him to return the money to the guests. The bellhop notices that $5 can’t be split evenly between the three guests, so he keeps $2 for himself and then gives the other $3 to the guests.
Now the guests, with their dollars back, have each paid $9 for a total of $27. And the bellhop has pocketed $2. So there is $27 + $2 = $29 accounted for. But the guests originally paid $30.
What happened to the other dollar?
This riddle is just an example of misdirection. It is actually nonsensical to add $27 + $2, because the $27 that has been paid includes the $2 the bellhop made. The correct math is to say that the guests paid $27, and the bellhop took $2, which, if given back to the guests, would bring them to their correct payment of $27 – $2 = $25.

Million dollars today or a penny today

Would you have more money with a million dollars today or a penny today and double your money every day for 30 days?
Second option. You’ll end up with $5,368,709.12. That’s the beauty of compound interest.

The wish

Once upon a time, in the West Lake village, a servant lived with his master. After service of about 30 years, his master became ill and was going to die.
One day, the master called his servant and asked him for a wish. It could be any wish but just one. The master gave him one day to think about it. The servant became very happy and went to his mother for discussion about the wish. His mother was blind and she asked her son for making a wish for her eye-sight to come back. Then the servant went to his wife. She became very excited and asked for a son as they were childless for many years. After that, the servant went to his father who wanted to be rich and so he asked his son to wish for a lot of money. The next day he went to his master and made one wish through which all the three (mother, father, wife) got what they wanted. You have to tell what the servant asked the master.
The servant said, “My mother wants to see her grandson swinging on a swing of gold.”


If money really did grow on trees, what would be everyone’s favorite season?

Head, tail & no legs

What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?
A penny.

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